How do you Clean a Tineco Motor?

Clean a Tineco Motor

Cleaning and maintaining your Tineco Motor is necessary to increase its lifespan and efficiency. When you buy it, the company gives every customer a warranty, but you can only improve its lifespan by cleaning and maintaining it regularly. Maintenance of Tineco Motor doesn’t only include cleaning the parts; it’s more than that. If you are stuck on how do you clean a Tineco Motor, we have got you covered with this detailed blog. 

In this guide, we have mentioned the detailed procedure to clean tineco vacuum mop efficiently and some essential tips. So, let’s read on!

What is Tineco Motor?

Tineco is a popular vacuum cleaner of 450W and can efficiently perform a variety of tasks. Primarily, it’s used to clean the carpet so that no hidden dust remains on your carpet, whether in your home or office. Its famous models are A10 and A11, but users can buy depending on the required features and their requirements. 

Clean a Tineco Motor

It offers three power modes to adjust according to the dust quantity. Similarly, it’s a portable and handheld vacuum carpet cleaner, helping you quickly eliminate the dust. It’s time-saving, handy, and works with a detachable battery. This means that it’s primarily designed to help you clean easily. 

Clean a Tineco Motor

How to Maintain Your Tineco Machine – Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning this vacuum cleaner involves wiping off all the parts like filters, outside body, etc. Let’s learn more about the quick cleaning steps below:

Step 1: First, hold the machine and detach its handle because you can clean the handle in the end with a soft cloth.

Step 2: Flip the machine upside down, and you can see the roller. 

Step 3: Now remove the clips to open the upper cover from the main body and remove the roller gently.

Step 4: Cut the stick hair on the roller with the help of a small scissor; otherwise, it may damage the roller brush hair. After that, remove them smoothly with the help of your hands.

Step 5: Pick up the handle part of the machine and open the filter lid so that the debris and filter fall into the basket. 

Step 6: Press the trigger to run the machine, as it will eliminate extra dust. 

Step 7: Install the filter again and repeat the same procedure. 

Step 8: Now disassemble the dirt cup and remove the inner filter. Remove the other parts to make the cup empty.

Step 9: After that, wash the filter under running water in the home basin. Make sure to dry them with air before reinstalling. 

Step 10: Install all the parts carefully. You can wipe them with a soft cloth to ensure extra cleaning, but it’s optional. 

Step 11: Also, wipe out the other parts of the machine with a soft cloth. Here, you can use a neutral water solution for efficient cleaning. 

Step 12: It’s all done. Press the trigger button to run the machine once, check the sound (it will feel light), and put it on charging for further use. 

Step 13: Congratulations! You have finished cleaning the Tenico machine. 

Some Tips

Here are some tips for efficient cleaning and to protect the machine from damage. 

  • Always use cold and fresh water. You can also use neutral water for better cleaning. Tap water is also acceptable. 
  • If you use hot water, it’s perfect to remove stubborn dust. 
  • Don’t wipe too much forcefully; otherwise, the plastic body may break. 
  • Don’t use bleach or such liquids for cleaning purposes. 
  • You can also use the self-cleaning mode if you want to avoid heavy maintenance. 
  • Take a brush neutral water solution, and put the roller into it for deep cleaning. 


Maintaining your vacuum cleaning machine is necessary for it to work correctly. Using a mild solution and soft cloth for body cleaning is always a good option. You don’t need to go in for in-depth cleaning regularly, but it’s good to maintain it after 2 or 4 weeks. Don’t forget to remember the pro tips to prevent any damage. Enjoy!


How to clean Tineco after use?

The best way is to clean the foller, dirty water tank, and filter. Remove all these elements and clean with hot or cold water. 

How to deep clean a Tineco machine roller?

Take a small bucket or tub and prepare a neutral water solution. Dip the roller and clean it with a soft cloth or brush. 

Does the Tineco clean itself?

The latest vacuum cleaner models have a self-cleaning option to clean the dirty water tank.

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