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How Do Professionals Clean Upholstery In Perth?

The most important aspect of domestic cleaning is cleaning all of your furniture. It’s always a good idea to schedule upholstery cleaning services regularly. Better yet, you can always call Couch Cleaning Perth, one of the renowned professional cleaning businesses, to come and clean it for you.

As humans, we all need furniture, and we all spend a lot of time and money choosing the right upholstered furniture for the abode. Knowing the right techniques on how to properly clean various types of upholstery is something that not many people are familiar with. This is why our expert couch-cleaning Perth technicians have been thoroughly trained to understand which chemicals and tools should be used on which fabrics.

You may be wondering if DIY methods are effective, then why you should hire a professional upholstery cleaner in Perth. Professionals have a lot of experience under their sleeves and can restore any type of upholstered furniture, want to know more continue reading. 

Why Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaning Perth Company?

The incorrect upholstery cleaning solution or chemical can cause damage to your upholstered furniture. This is why it is always best to hire a specialist couch or upholstery cleaning service to come and clean your furniture. They have been trained to work with any fabrics, including linen, cotton, and leather.

Further, they even gently clean your soft furnishings – chairs, sofas, mattresses, or cushions – they will vacuum, then use a competent steam cleaner to clean your furniture and leave it to dry.

Professional upholstery cleaners will even perform a thorough cleaning on fabrics such as leather. They have the best-in-class and safe leather polish and conditioner to make your leather upholstery as good as new. Plus, when they’re done, they will be shiny and clean, without the sticky feel that some cleaning products have.

Professional Cleaning Methods Used to Restore the Appearance of Upholstery

Professional upholstery cleaners in Perth used a wide range of cleaning techniques depending on the type of fabric.

#1 Foam Cleaning Method

Suitable for: They use a dry cleaning technique to clean delicate fabric. 

They may use professional cleaning foam or a special carbonated cleaning product for this. First, they will thoroughly vacuum the upholstery to remove any loose dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, or food crumbs. They will also remove the cushions if possible to completely vacuum the underside of the cushion. The carbonated cleaning solution and cleaning foam will then be added and either gently rubbed with a cloth or simply left to fizz. The carbonation bubbles will fizz, helping to work out all of the deeply engrained dirt and bring it all to the surface. Once they are satisfied with this step, they will use an industry-grade vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dirt, leaving you with a clean, dry, and fresh-smelling sofa, mattress, or chair.

#2 Upholstery Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

Suitable for: fabrics made of woolen fibers or synthetics/mixed (man-made, microfiber, polyester)

Hot water extraction is the most efficient couch-cleaning Perth method. The service begins with the application of specialized detergents designed to remove common upholstery stains such as blood, coffee, greasy food, crayon, ink, vomit, and so on. After the stains have been pre-treated, your professional cleaning specialist will infuse hot water into the sofa’s fibers, extracting the water back and completely removing the accumulated grime and dust.

Approximate drying time: 3 – 6 hours

#3 Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Suitable for: natural fabrics such as sisal, seagrass, and jute. Also, it’s recommended for silk, cotton, and velvet

Your upholstery cleaner Perth technician will carefully inspect the fabric of your upholstery to prevent discoloration. Then they’ll apply a powdered solvent to the fabric, which acts like a magnetic body on a microscopic level, collecting all dust and dirt.

Approximate drying time: almost immediately after the procedure.

#4 Leather Sofa Cleaning

Suitable for: leather, nubuck, and aniline

Using professional detergents designed for this upholstery type, professionals successfully clean nubuck, and aniline, and restore its appearance. They even offer leather sofa cleaning Perth service to keep your upholstered furniture spotless for a long time.

Note: If the leather is soiled, then there is a chance that the impairment is perpetual and the sofa cleaning staff can’t take out the stubborn stains.


There are many various methods on the market now and customers are spoilt for choice. Depending on their budget and the urgency of the cleaning, they can select their preferred method and proceed to use their adored sofa for an even longer amount of time.

So, if you want to get your upholstery cleaned or want to get reliable upholstery protection from Perth service, contact experts at Couch Cleaning Perth. They are a renowned upholstery cleaning company and have trained technicians to offer the best sofa and couch cleaning services.

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