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How do pre-employment assessment tools help in making unbiased hiring 

pre-employment assessment tools

No matter how many memes on hiring make us laugh on social media, hiring is no child’s play.

Overcoming unconscious bias is one of the most severe challenges a hiring manager faces. As it can not be detected easily, it can damage the company’s financial growth and reputation. 

A study by Deloitte has shown that companies enriched with inclusive cultures are 120 per cent more likely to achieve their financial targets and six times more likely to be more inventive. 

So can we fight the obstacle that invisibly harms an organisation’s growth?

Yes. Pre-employment assessment and a tool for it will make this happen for you.

What is unconscious bias?

Unconscious bias occurs throughout the hiring process when a decision is made about an applicant based on superficial characteristics. Or when you favour one candidate over another based on your impression of how well you think you would get along with them in your personal life.

You may be more influenced by a candidate’s name, hometown, or even the photo on their résumé. In a nutshell, unconscious bias affects your choice (for better or worse) based on factors unrelated to the position you’re applying for.

Why should you avoid bias while hiring?

Making decisions based on unconscious bias adversely affects both people and the company. This is because it leads to a less diverse workplace. 

When people of different backgrounds, races, socioeconomic levels, genders, and orientations come together, they all have something new. Incorporating people with diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences into decision-making processes improves the effectiveness of companies.

A bias-free recruiting process will have a domino effect of attracting top talent and creating a high-performing workforce. However, the lack of diversity that might emerge from unconscious prejudice can also harm a business’s bottom line.

What is a pre-employment assessment?

A pre-employment assessment gauges a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in critical areas before hiring them. These tools are not format-specific and can be used in various settings to evaluate multiple abilities, including personality traits, academic achievement, and linguistic proficiency.

Different types of pre-assessment tests

  • Job knowledge test
  • Integrity test
  • Cognitive ability tests 
  • Personality tests
  • Skill assessments tests
  • One way video interviews

How Do Pre-employment Assessment Tools Help in Making Unbiased Hiring?

Compare candidates instead of judging.

It is possible to make quick, unbiased conclusions about appropriateness due to the standardisation of aptitude and industrial assessments. 

Use a streamlined dashboard to quickly and easily compare each candidate’s performance. Browse the aggregate findings or hone down on a single contender for more tests. 

Foster teamwork

With the help of the appropriate pre-employment assessment tool, you can determine whether a candidate has the abilities you believe are critical for success in your industry. 

Using this method, you can screen applicants who will be able to hit the ground running in their new positions, as well as those who will be adaptable to learn and implement changes in the workplace quickly. And it will not only make your present task easy, but it will also impact future teamwork.

Shortlist the potential candidates 

Pre-employment assessment tools allow you to learn about prospects without being influenced much more rapidly than if you had to look through each résumé individually.

A pre-employment assessment tool will simplify testing, grading, and reporting by centralising and standardising each step. As a result, Shortlisting better-fit candidates becomes easier.

Utilise insights to make the decision 

Pre-employment testing offers valuable insights for making objective, data-driven hiring decisions. Unconscious bias has no place in an equitable and efficient hiring process, and employers are becoming more aware of this. 

This is facilitated by the consistency of pre-employment tests as a whole. Nevertheless, adopting a data-driven strategy is substantial room for improvement in the quality of your selection process.

Filter out the best one

With the help of pre-employment assessment tools, you can customise an evaluation procedure unique to your business and position. 

In addition, you can ensure a pre-employment assessment tool accurately evaluates relevant traits you try to identify.

Stress-free hiring process 

A candidate’s profile can be better understood using a pre-screening tool. Since you won’t waste time interviewing people who aren’t seriously considered, your productivity will go up. 

If you are re-evaluating your candidates, you will have the chance to examine qualities and attributes that may not be evident in a resume or an initial interview. 

Without putting much stress, you can make an unbiased hiring decision faster.

Final thoughts 

In the next decade, According to a report by Deloitte, GenZ will contribute to the workforce. So a diverse workplace matters a lot. 

You need to make your team future worthy. Spending time on CVs and interviews are outdated and time-consuming. Testlify is going to pave the way. Find the best candidates without engaging all your brain cells and leaving no room for biases with Testlify.


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