How Do NFTs Relate to E-Commerce?

Customer Engagement And Brand Loyalty With NFTs

ReserveX is a SHOPX product that allows brands to mint brand-specific NFTs to give or sell to their customers. These special NFTs can be sold or rewarded to customers in any way the brand sees fit. Holding it will give the customers rewards or perks, which are also decided by the brand. While the NFT is sitting in the customer’s wallet, those perks will be applied at checkout.

Affiliate Marketing With NFTs

MintX, as you may know, tokenizes your real-life inventory. Commerce X uses this eNFT inventory to enable affiliate marketing. Consider it a B2B SaaS program that connects brands and their products to affiliates.

Customer Acquisition

When an affiliate sells an eNFT, they get a commission based on what the brand is offering. If you want to offer 5%, then that’s your choice. It’s possible that your product warrants that low of a commission. You may find that increasing it to 6% or 7% results in a sudden increase in affiliate activity. Or if the holidays come around, you could increase it to 10% to see a surge in sales.

Inventory Management System

MintX’s eNFTs tokenize real-world products to standardize inventory management data. This will create a global database for all branded consumer products. Whether you are a consumer or a large brand, this data will be completely protected with blockchain technology.

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