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How Do Nadex Coins-Counting Machines Work?

Are you looking for coins counting machine for a business? Nadex Coins invites you to witness its latest collection of cash and coins products. All the Nadex Coins counters, regardless of the category to which they belong, have a hopper through which you will insert the coins. The hopper can be larger or smaller, determining how often you need to feed the meter.

Types of Nadex Coins counters, from the simplest to the most complex:

  • Sorting counter:The coins from the hopper fall onto a plate, which mechanically rotates and drags the coins until they are placed in some holes. These holes have a pre-established diameter so that as they advance, they will pass, and each one will fall into its hole. Before being deposited in its box, the sensors will read the value of the coin and will add the units and amounts. All this information will be reflected in the control panel.
  • Sorter with detection: When passing the coins from the hopper of theNadex Coins counter to the plate, it rotates and drags the coins until it takes them to a magnetic sensor, which, thanks to the fact that it identifies the alloy, will determine if the coin is authentic or false. The false ones will go directly to the rejection box, and the rest will continue advancing until the hole has the same diameter as the coin. The hole through which they fall leads to a box. Each box has a sensor responsible for counting the units and their value. All the information will be reflected in the control panel.
  • Counter by denomination: with a more robust structure and larger hopper, you can count coins at high speed. By selecting the coin’s thickness and diameter, you can choose the denomination you want to count. The rest of the coins will be discarded.

Benefits of Nadex Coins counters

Although the coins add up to a small amount, counting them by hand is an absolute nightmare. We lose a lot of time, and patience is running out. To be fast, precise, and efficient, the Nadex Coins counter will be your best ally.

Join the businesses, restaurants, commercial premises, real estate, exchange houses, casinos, supermarkets, pharmacies, and tobacconists that already enjoy the advantages of having a Nadex Coins counter.

Accurate, efficient, and fast counting

Nadex Coins counter eliminates any possibility of human error and optimizes your productivity.

Not only will your Nadex Coins counter count the total value of the coins you deposit in the hopper, but it will also sort them into different coin drawers by denomination. Each coin denomination has its coin drawer. When finished, it displays the number of coins by denomination and the total number.

Why do we need a Nadex Coins counter?

A Nadex Coins counter will count faster than the best-trained person. It improves productivity in your business by replacing manual coin counting with an automated tally. Count and sort coins per minute. It allows small businesses to save time and resources for coin counting and sorting with a meager investment.

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