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How Do I Set up a CDN Server?

Set up a CDN Server

Any web resource consists of various types of content: content, textual information, images, scripts, and other elements. All data from websites are hosted on a remote platform hosted at a specific location. This place is nothing but a data center that stores all website files.

When the user enters the site, the page opens by importing various elements. Load time is a very important factor for any website, both in terms of SEO and user interaction. The download time depends on various factors: web hosting, cache, page size, etc. The CDN service will help to increase the site’s loading speed without additional settings.

Content loading speed

The time at which the user receives a response from the web platform determines how quickly the material loads. At the same time, it is important that the user’s Internet channel is fast enough. It is dependent on a variety of factors, including hosting, as well as the website and its features.

Server load and optimization

The process of the load is easiest to imagine using the example of an online store. Such sites often have high traffic due to frequent changes. And all this slows down the server. If there are too many requests to the database, the system may not cope and issue an error message. To reduce the number of requests to the database, you can store the already generated response in the cache.

CDN technology allows you to cache images and other static content. No requests for the server to display graphics are made while opening pages. They are already loaded from distributed platforms, significantly reducing the load on the main place.

Advantages of CDN:

  • Distributed data centers depending on the location of the visitor.
  • Reduces JavaScript on a web page.
  • Faster loading times.
  • An additional level of protection.

Features and ease of use

The G-Core Labs content delivery network supports all necessary protocols. The company offers much more than just hosting — it offers dedicated and virtual technologies that can be configured to suit specific needs.

Users can choose a reconfigured dedicated or a virtual server, where do not need to select and configure the values of all parameters. A private CDN can give full control over individual content because the person doesn’t need to share servers with any other websites using the same infrastructure.

Before setting up a personal technology, it is necessary to consider several important factors:

  • What to implement: cloud instances or physical machines.
  • To choose ISP and routing options in accordance with a balance that makes the most sense for personal setup and traffic expectations.
  • Consider the source server and point of presence.
  • Install G-Core Labs software.
  • Set up the equipment: specify your backed IP address and port and configure which port listens to incoming requests.

Restart software. Now, there is a very own CDN up and running.

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