How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maintenance of a clean carpet is the next step after cleaning it professionally. When our carpets have been professionally cleaned, it might be easy to forget their old condition.

Carpets attract dirt and dust regardless of how often they are cleaned, and this accumulation may lead to air quality issues. Inquiring minds want to know, “How do i maintain my carpet after professional cleaning?” Here are some easy actions that will help us keep our carpets looking great long after they’ve been professionally cleaned.

Always Keep Up With the Regular Vacuuming

If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you may prevent the buildup of dirt and debris and extend the life of your carpet. Allergens may embed themselves deep into the fiber if not removed regularly.

You should make cleaning your carpet a high priority and do it at least once or twice a week. Doing so may prevent your carpet from becoming a breeding ground for germs and contribute to a healthier and cleaner home.

Take Off Your Shoes But Don’t Go Barefoot

Unfortunately, you should avoid going barefoot on a freshly cleaned carpet. This is because your skin’s natural oils may leave a greasy film. The carpet may look soiled because of the oily residue left behind, and the carpet may actually attract more dirt. If you must stroll on the carpet without shoes, at least wear socks or slippers you would never dream of taking outside.

Never Step On A Wet Carpet

It’s best to wait a while before walking barefoot on the carpet again after cleaning it professionally. Even though professional carpet cleaners utilize powerful extractors throughout the steam cleaning process, drying time is still significant.

Destroying your carpet so soon after having it professionally cleaned is a waste of money and defeats the purpose of having it cleaned in the first place. Please wait until the carpet is totally dry before walking on it.

Take Extra Precautions with your Pets

Maintaining a clean carpet is difficult if you have dogs in the house. Any stains caused by pets must be cleaned up immediately. Vacuuming the house twice a week may also help if your pet sheds excessively.

Your carpet is vulnerable to more than just your cats’ sharp claws. Trim and file your pet’s claws to prevent them from catching on threads and causing accidents.

Remove Instantly Any Messes Left Behind

If you respond quickly, you may prevent stains from being deeply embedded in the carpet. Wait to leave cleaning up accidents until the following day or later. More time must pass to clean up a spill before it becomes manageable.

If you own carpet, you should always have access to a professional carpet stain remover. Call a cleaning service immediately if you cannot get the stain out on your own. Your carpet will be saved before the stain sets.

Don’t Let the Cool Air Out

After cleaning your carpet properly, we will utilize powerful fans to dry the fibers and prevent any moisture from being absorbed back into the carpet. However, the carpet may still be damp long after we’ve gone. It’s crucial to get rid of all of it. Any fan will do, whether it be a ceiling fan, a box fan, a floor fan, or a standing fan. As a result, the air may pick up and transport the evaporated moisture.

Help the moisture evaporate by raising the room temperature to at least 75 degrees. Unless the relative humidity is quite high, opening a few windows may also assist in moisture leaving. If so, shut all windows and turn on fans and the heater/air conditioner to speed up the drying process.

Utilizing Safety Measures

It would help if you took every precaution to extend the life of your freshly cleaned carpet. Preferred Carpet Care’s carpet protection technique has been proven effective in keeping dirt and stains at bay. Putting down some mats in entryways and other high-traffic areas may provide an extra layer of defense.

Additional dirt may be tracked into the carpet if you walk on it while it’s still wet. The moment to start kicking off your shoes at the entrance has arrived.

The decreased sunlight is an additional perk of spring cleaning your carpets. Even shortly after having your carpets cleaned professionally, the sun’s strong UV radiation may hasten their disintegration and fading.

Extraction Using Hot Water

In addition to its more common name, this kind of carpet cleaning is also known as steam cleaning. Hot water is injected into the carpet by a machine, vacuuming the water and debris. Cleaning a carpet with hot water helps to quickly remove embedded dirt and debris from the carpet’s fibers while also leaving the carpet toasty and dry.

Using pressure methods, boiling water is pushed into the carpet, effectively slackening the dirt. The equipment employed here quickly and efficiently removes any trace of moisture or debris. The detergent may be used if the carpet is really dirty. Carpets can be cleaned, smells can be removed, and germs can be killed with a simple steam cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

The cleaning procedure using this approach does not involve using any water. The carpet will be sprinkled with an absorbent solution, and the professional cleaner will use a machine brush to work the solution through the carpet.

Dirt is dissolved from the carpet’s fiber core and removed with a professional, high-powered vacuum cleaner after being treated with this solution. This is a great way to clean carpets produced from natural fibers, and it takes little time to dry after cleaning them.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Experts recommend having your carpets thoroughly cleaned once every 12 to 18 months.

The increased longevity of your floor is a major benefit of this action. Rugs and carpets that are regularly vacuum and steam cleaned tend to survive far longer than those that aren’t.

This procedure will disinfect your floor, making it considerably less hazardous for kids to play on. A professional cleaning service has the tools and expertise to remove stubborn stains that wouldn’t come out with only soap and water. A professional cleaning may leave your floors more pristine than standard cleaning.


Following the steps above will guarantee that your rugs remain clean and presentable year after year. However, it would help if you didn’t leave it at that. A professional carpet cleaning is as beneficial for your home as having your teeth professionally cleaned once a year, even if you brush and rinse twice a day with mouthwash. It’s the most effective method for restoring the carpet’s original pink color after eliminating embedded dirt, filth, and germs.

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