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How do I Choose to Host for Video Traffic?

To launch your own site with media content, first of all, you need to choose a server to host it. Let’s take a look at some well-known hosting providers and those gaining popularity. A lot depends on the provider: the quality of the supported video, download speed, 24/7 ability to view content, and secure access to it. For quality work of streaming services, a good modern server is necessary. First and foremost, you should pay attention to the reliability of the service, the bandwidth provider, the amount of storage and its speed, the type of server, and the available options for it. Few people want to return to the site and watch videos that don’t load or slow down. Consider in detail several services that provide servers for hosting.


Web hosting started out as a private company and later became part of Endurance International Group (BizLand). The service has been offering services for 20 years to both beginners and professionals. Some of the attractive offers are a free domain name for one year, an SSL certificate, high uptime (99.9%), free migration of your site, and easy integration. A 24/7 support team and a variety of rates for flexible scalability will be helpful for webmasters just starting out. Hosting offers both very cheap virtual server plans and more expensive dedicated servers. The initial offer will only cost $2.75 per month, and you can read more 


Mediafront service is owned by HYPECODE. Hosting specializes in video traffic and provides the purchase of servers in installments. Service offers a modern fast player with open-source code. OSM allows viewers to watch media content without pre-buffering. You can use the player for free on your own hosting or use Mediafront’s comprehensive services. Learn more about pricing and services. Mediafront CDN provides high download speeds for your content. The price for the tariffs depends on the traffic used and the number of points of presence used, which affects the speed of downloading the content.


One of the popular video streaming hosts. It is also a member of the EIG group, offering a free domain for one year, SSL certificates, and easy migration from another service. BlueHost uses the latest technology. For VPS, there are three rates to choose from ranging from 30GB SSD, 2GB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth to 120GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and 3TB bandwidth. Regardless of the tariff choice, CDN and different webmail solutions are available to all customers. The price for VPS is $19,99 per month for 3 years and you can rent a dedicated server for $79,99. For more information about the rates and terms of use of the service, visit.


If you would like to try cloud hosting, it is worth starting with this provider. At least because you can do it for free for three days. The trial period is available without entering your bank card details and you don’t have to worry about hidden services or auto-pay when the demo expires. The provider promises easy, reliable, and convenient access to services. You can choose the data center that’s right for you out of the five available:

  • DigitalOcean;
  • Vultr;
  • AWS;
  • Linode;
  • Google Cloud.

It is worth clarifying that not all data centers provide a trial version. The price is for all services at once. Built-in caching and CDN from Cloudflare are popular with customers. 


GreenGeeks hosting offers good quality service for a high price. The platform has no disadvantages other than the price (except for the lack of dedicated server rentals). Green Hosting returns to the network three times the amount of energy consumed, which is obtained from renewable sources. Various services are available for free: fast servers on SSD drives, a handy website builder, email accounts, free and easy website migration, SSL certificates, CDN, and PowerCacher. There is a guarantee of a refund within 30 days. You can read in detail on the website the rates offered and the characteristics of the equipment.


Choosing a hosting service for your site can be difficult. For different purposes, both a regular service for a small fee and a powerful hosting service with dedicated servers and various additional services may be suitable. BlueHost and Cloudways will cost quite a lot, especially for beginner webmasters. In return, popular web hosts offer access to many features and tools. If you specifically have a video project, however, it might be worth choosing the hosting focused on video traffic, for example, Mediafront with open source in the player.  Not every platform offers a decent price and the possibility to buy a server.

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