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How do I choose a drawer slide?

drawer slide

When you consider the number of times, you will open a drawer, choosing the right slide will not be that difficult. Aside from the price of the drawer slide, other factors that should influence your choice are features, finishing, and durability.

In addition, if the drawer slide is not durable, it could break in half, and all your documents will fall off. Read this article to find out which drawer slide is best for you.

Mount type

A drawer slide has several types, depending on how it will be mounted. The drawer slide mount type you choose will determine how secure the hardware will be when you open the drawer. Most often, a lot of people opt for the concealed drawer because they don’t want their hardware to be visible when they open the drawer. The three major drawer mount types are slide, under, and center mount.


The length of the drawer slide should also be considered. Usually, the size of a drawer slide ranges from 10 to 28 inches. Opting for a short drawer slide may not be ideal because it will not allow the drawer to pull out far enough. Nevertheless, customers can request a special drawer slide length.

Meanwhile, for the undermount drawer slides to function effectively, they must be the same length. Ensure that side and center mount slides have the same length to work effectively.


How far you can extend the drawer when it is open should be considered too. Some of the different sizes of a drawer extension are ¾, ⅞,  full, and over travel. The full drawer slide extension is suitable for people who want space at the back of it. Meanwhile, the overtravel extension is good for drawers that have an overhang. You can also opt for a partial extension drawer slide.

Weight of load

If your drawer does not carry heavy documents, the drawer slide could be lighter. The typical range for a drawer slide is 75 to 100 lbs per drawer. If your drawer will carry heavy tools, ensure the slides are designed for it. Usually, a bearing drawer slide is more durable and can carry heavy items than a roller slide.


The finishing of the drawer should be considered if the drawer slide is not concealed. Notwithstanding, there are various drawer slide finishing types, including metal and zinc. You can also find drawer slides in several colors. The easiest colors of drawer slides to find are black and white. But you can customize the color of your drawer slide to look different.

Motion features

The commonest motion feature of drawer slides is softness. Nobody wants to struggle before opening their drawer anymore. The luck drawer slide locks up as soon as you push it in. Other types of drawer motion features are soft close, self-close, touch to release, and locking.


No matter the drawer slide you opt for, ensure it is durable and easy to open and close. You can also customize your drawer slide to suit what you want. Finally, make sure the drawer runner is firm and durable too.

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