How Digitize Is Revolutionising The Digital Currency Market

Over the years, one great revolution has taken over the currency market, and that is the expending of digital currencies which allow for borderless transfer of ownership, instant transactions, and operates independently of a Central Bank;  one great innovation this is. Let us then imagine a revolution amidst this peculiar revolution, a revolution which aims at solely enhancing this already great revolution; The Digitize Coin. The question to be answered here is how exactly then is Digitize revolutionising the cryptocurrency market, and how do they hope to achieve this great feat?


The initial coin offering has been set to begin on the twenty-second day of April 2018 with a hard cap of 20,000 ETH.

The Digitize token ( DTZ) is an Ethereum token that is based on the ERC 20 standard. The total amount available for purchase during the Digitize ICO is 100,000,000 DTZ with a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH. The Digitized token is priced at 1 DTZ = 0.0002 ETH.


Digitize coin wants to see a world that is based totally on cryptocurrency, a world where a cash based society would no longer be in existence. Inasmuch as most people believe digital currency to be a complex and highly technical means through which transactions can be made, Digitize has decided to engage with the public directly by identifying and solving a problem which has long frustrated us; the handling of loose change.

Seeing that a high percentage of people cringe at the concept of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency simply because of the complexities involved, and taking into knowingness the people’s frustration of handling loose change, which by far outweighs their skepticisms on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Digitize has made ample use of these identified problems and has brought about a revolution in the cryptocurrency market. Digitize has brought about a large boost in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


One main problem with the cryptocurrency market is the fact that it is difficult to understand With the high technology involved, this is definitely not a problem that can be argued upon. Using a mobile wallet that is easy to understand, and also offers smooth, seamless transactions, Digitize hopes to rid the cryptocurrency market of all forms of complexity while fostering the mainstream adoption. The mobile wallet is useful to both consumers and merchants ( retailers or companies ), and is helpful in the handling of both private and public keys; there is an option of a password based system instead of utilising a long, complicated, public blockchain key.

To achieve mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, Digitize aims to put into use a platform which would be incorporated into a mobile application which in turn would be available for download on the Android and iOS market. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the kinds, sizes or locations of the merchants who wish to use Digitize. Digitize is available for every merchant for the seamless and instant use of blockchain technology to send loose change deposits to consumers.

Digitize shoots for a society based mostly on digital currency not solely because of the amount of change most people loose while handling loose change, they also consider the high cost of producing these coins which by far supersedes the true cost of the coins themselves.

The bottom line is this;  Digitize has caused a great revolution in the cryptocurrency market through taking into consideration the issues of loose change and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and they have to a huge extent pulled down these obstacles.

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