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How Digital Agencies Are Moving On After The Pandemic

Did you know that Americans created 2.8  million more online microbusinesses in 2020 than they did in 2019? With social distancing policies keeping customers at home during the pandemic, 30% of small businesses closed their doors. Small businesses that were able to stay open still suffered, with 59% having to lay off a substantial amount of their employees and even more experiencing a decrease in sales. Transitioning to the digital market proved to be beneficial for small business owners as more people than ever were doing their shopping online

Now that so many microbusinesses are finding success in the online space, there are a lot of small business owners that are looking to grow their operations full-time. 50% of small businesses are focusing on growth and rebuilding after the pandemic, and transitioning to the digital world can help them to find the success they are looking for. In fact, 45% of small businesses are already planning for a digital future.

Completely changing a business structure can be difficult for some owners, and many are finding issues with their efficiency and organization. This is why some are turning to digital agency growth systems in order to remain efficient while they are growing larger.  These systems can help owners streamline their work and track their progress which can assist in delegating tasks more efficiently. This can free up lots of time for owners to continue to focus on the growth of their businesses after the pandemic.  You can learn more about how these digital business systems are helping micro businesses grow in the infographic below:

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