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How Did Mariia Syrotiuk Turn Her Car Passion Into A Multi-Million-Dollar Business?

Mariia Syrotiuk, a Ukraine-born, moved to the U.S. at the age of 20. She spent her childhood in the garage of her father. Her father ran a business of buying crashed cars, fixing them, and reselling them. This aroused her passion for cars, their spare parts, and their proper functioning.

Adding fuel to this passion of Mariia Syrotiuk was her elder brother’s car toys. She used to play with cars before she could learn to change the oil at the age of 8 years. She learnt to drive the cars despite her family owning low-class and cheap cars. It was when she reached the U.S. that she realized the incredible experience of exotic cars. She felt her dream had come to a realization.

She had business traits since childhood, as witnessed by her first earnings at the age of 16. These childhood traits pushed her car passion in the U.S. She started meeting different car owners and making more friends. She invested her time connecting car owners and body shops to improve cars for making them look luxurious and better than ever. With help from different corners of the world, Mariia started her own big car parts shop that now turned into a multi-million-dollar business. You can check the car parts shop of Mariia Syrotiuk on Instagram handles: @bymeriel and @buy.tuning. Mariia ensures that the fantasies of her customers regarding cars come true by providing the best service possible. Her team has good expertise and skills for making every order unique by adding every minute detail that customers want. This dedication and determination have helped Mariia to reach great heights in the car business. Thus, today she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and lives her dream life.

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