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How did Cloud Professional Services Secure grounds well for Digital Transformation Stories?

The emergence of cloud professional services is certainly not incidental. The array of benefits for businesses to shift to the cloud are in plenty, mainly for their digital transformation. Meanwhile, in the changing market dynamics, and cut-throat competition, businesses are under pressure to act fast and get products to the market faster. This increases complexity for the IT arm of businesses. Cloud managed services comes into the picture as messiah in such scenarios. In its simplest make-up, cloud managed services seamlessly manage hybrid cloud environments, thus allowing enterprises to focus on the core business and innovations.

Meanwhile, with concerted efforts, businesses are finding ways for innovation in a hybrid IT world. In a bid for this, businesses are accelerating their cloud journey, to enhance cloud adoption and transformation. In fact, to serve this, every small and large IT company is on the cloud bandwagon. But, if it has the expertise to deliver the right multi-cloud service is the big question that businesses face before they step on their cloud journey.

Cloud professional services broadly offer services in three formats: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud to drive business operations, improve infrastructure scalability, and improve efficiency and flexibility. Vendors in the cloud professional services market provide services such as customized application development, application modernization, consulting and advisory, migration, integration, implementation, optimization, product implementation, and support and maintenance. To sum up, cloud professional services help to lower cost of implementing systems, and provide end to end delivery solutions to facilitate business and technical operations of an enterprise.

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The Pandemic Effect

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed work practices world over. Business organizations of all sizes have adopted the work-from-home model to continue business operations, which in turn, manifests demand for cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) services. To capitalize on this, vendors in the cloud professional services market are expanding their cloud offerings. This, they are doing by adopting new technologies such as analytics, automation, and AI. Furthermore, vendors offer multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud services, which enables end users to execute workloads from a few cloud service providers and take advantage of benefits offered by each of them.

Nonetheless, competition in the cloud professional services market is intense. Product launch, partnerships and acquisitions, and significant investments in R&D are some key growth strategies of vendors in the cloud professional services market. For example, in September 2018, Microsoft demonstrated the complete offering of Azure Data Box – a physical data box.  Business organizations use this to order, fill, and upload to an Azure environment. In fact, additional physical solutions such as the Azure Data Box help to reduce stress on the network, due to additional enterprise data that is being transferred on the cloud.

Developing Economies Dependable for Promising Opportunities

Asia Pacific is expected to provide substantial revenue to the cloud professional services market in the forthcoming years. Firstly, the ever-increasing adoption of the cloud in technologically-developing countries in the region is providing ample opportunities for the overall cloud professional services market. The ceaseless use of technology across a number of business verticals such as education, BFSI, and healthcare in countries such as India is compelling core technology companies to transfer workloads on the cloud. Not only large technology companies, SMEs for technology are increasingly pushing off work on the cloud for a number of services, including professional consulting, training and education, system integration, and support and maintenance.

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Besides this, rapid penetration of new-age technologies such as IoT, analytics, and AI that need to be supported on the cloud for enterprises to focus on the core business is expanding the revenue contribution of Asia Pacific to the global cloud professional services market.

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