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How DeFi Project ChainXworld Has Combined Blockchain-Based Investing With Real Estate and E-Commerce

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has taken the world by storm. At around a $100 billion market cap and climbing, DeFi has quickly become highly appealing to investors looking to receive impressive returns. However, hardly any DeFi project is backed by tangible assets. ChainXworld changes all of that by combining DeFi with real assets. 

What Is ChainXworld?

Given how real estate is the only true stable value within the 21st-century economy, it was only natural to revolutionize its value by tethering it to blockchain technology. ChainXworld is combining two growing industries with a decentralised token.

Using the native CXW-Token will link its value to assets in the real estate and e-commerce industry. This means CXW-Token will be automatically secured by real estate properties and the profits of e-commerce campaigns, which open these two major industries to everyone. ChainXworld makes it possible to earn daily interest and payouts, culminating at anywhere between 5% and 30% APY deoending on the chosen MetaMint Protocol. No experience with cryptocurrency is necessary to become an investor, and funding is as easy as using a credit card, bank wire, or cryptocurrency.

Being regulated in Switzerland using monthly audits, ChainXstate combines the transparency of DeFi with the trustworthy regulatory framework of one of the financial capitals of the world. ChainXcommerce is a Dubai regulated company that lets its customers benefit from real e-commerce profits.

CXW Token

The CXW-Token is ChainXstate’s and ChainXcommerce’ native token that offers the possibility to be a part of many different real estate and ecommerce projects. The token uses Binance Smart Chain as its blockchain, which was developed by the largest digital asset exchange today, Binance. 

When users mint CXW-Tokens, they get to receive revenue that is generated from the sale or rent of real estate and the profits of global e-commerce campaigns. The unique pairing of CXW-Token with real assets ensures the value of each token is secured. The tokens being on a decentralized blockchain ensures that all benefits of blockchain technology can be enjoyed.

MetaMint Pool

ChainXstate and ChainXcommerce also have a feature called the MetaMint Pool. This allows users to both see gains from CXW-Token appreciating in price, as well as receive daily interest on their held tokens.

The daily interest can be held in a user’s wallet, which allows them to profit off of the increase in the value of CXW-Token. Users can also have their CXW-Tokens automatically reinvested for the prospect of greater returns. If a user decides to receive a payout from their profits, they can also do so to their bank account or exchange CXW-Tokens with another cryptocurrency.

The MetaMint Pool also provides the option to select between three flexible minting periods of either 12, 24, or 36 months. This allows investors to pick a minting period that fits their needs and wants.

Start Earning Interest With Real Assets

Thanks to ChainXworld, earning interest via DeFi with real assets is finally possible. After creating an account, buying CXW-Tokens, and placing those tokens into the MetaMint pool, you start earning interest right away. Join the presale to get in early on this revolutionary DeFi investment opportunity. 

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