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How Deciml App Is Revolutionizing Micro-Investing

The verb ‘to revolutionize’ means to change something radically or fundamentally.

Here at Deciml – we want to revolutionize how younger generations invest! We want to make investing easy, habitual, and automated, and allow our users to invest whether they set out to do just that, or to spend, or to save! That’s right – with the Deciml App – all roads lead to investing.

You know by now that the Deciml App is a micro investing platform and micro investing in itself is kind of revolutionary. We say this because micro investing primarily eliminates the need for large sums of money to make an investment. This makes the whole concept of investing a little more accessible to those with limited means, or those who are just starting out. 

Micro investing also leverages the principles of compounding – which means that the time for which you stay invested is more significant in micro investing than the amount you are investing. 

So, with the Deciml App, you will be able to experience the revolution called micro investing – through some of our own revolutionary ways of micro investing – and believe us when we say – with the Deciml App, there’s a little something for everyone – 

1. For the Optimizing Investor Round-Up Investing 

Some expenses are inevitable in the course of the day, while others keep cropping up every now and then. Assuming you’re using digital transactions for these payments, we were wondering how you’d feel about investing (as little as ₹1) each time you spend money. 

If you’re excited at this prospect, then Round-Up investing with the Deciml App is for you. Deciml requires you to set a round-up limit, and that’s pretty much it! You are set up to use Round-Up investing. Now, here’s how it works – Let us assume that your Round-Up limit is set at ₹10 and you spend ₹123 for your morning cab to work. 

What Deciml does is round off this spend making it ₹130, where ₹123 is your expenditure, and ₹7 is your investment through the Deciml App! This is a form of spare change investing – which allows you to invest as little as ₹1 through our micro investing platform. You can read more about Round-Up investing with the Deciml investment App.

2. For the Super-Disciplined Investor – Daily Deposits 

Some of you will be very clear in your choice to start investing as soon as you start earning. First of all – kudos on understanding the importance of cultivating a healthy investing routine. 

The Deciml App has a feature called Daily Deposits – which is perfect to nurture the investor in you! Daily Deposits with Deciml allows users to set up a Daily Deposit limit – and this amount (as low as ₹10!) will get invested on your behalf, every single day. 

So, as a budding investor, you do not need to worry about raising a huge amount of money to start investing. Using the Deciml App’s Daily Deposits ensures that you are investing regularly – but the key to unlocking the potential of this revolutionary way of investing regularly is by staying invested for a long period of time. 

The longer you stay invested, the more you can gain from compounding! You can find out more about Daily Deposits with the Deciml App.

3. For the Enthusiastic Investor – Lump Sum Investing 

If you’re the lucky few who are diligently saving money – but don’t necessarily know for what – we’ve got you covered with the Deciml App – through our Lump Sum Investing feature. 

This means that as soon as you have accumulated a little nest egg – you can invest it as a lump sum with the Deciml App. This helps users by allowing them to earn significant returns on their investments, as opposed to not earning substantial returns on mere savings. 

If you are one of the Deciml users who has practiced lump sum investing – feel free to give yourself a pat on the back – because this means that you have achieved the status of the ‘mindful investor’ who is not letting money sit idly in a savings account! 

Pro Tip – Whatever mode of micro investing you choose through the Deciml App, keep an eye on Sprint, the Deciml Dial, that allows you to see the trajectory of your investments!

Now, of course, the various features of the Deciml App come with some added benefits. Firstly, your Round-Ups and Daily Deposits are entirely automated – which means you don’t manually need to do anything other than selecting your limits at the set-up stage. And secondly, both limits are customizable – and you can even pause and restart your account or specific features as and when you need. 

We are all about making investing as simple and seamless as possible – and to that end – we invite you to start investing now!

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