How Dacxi Chain tokenized equity crowdfunding will help make the world a fairer place

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If you live in San Francisco and you have a well-validated new tech venture, getting equity funding to take it to the next level is pretty much a given. But if you transport the same product, the same group of people, and the same market validation results to Brazil, Cambodia, Poland, or South Africa – you’ll discover that getting funding is a practical impossibility.

For 99% of the world’s countries, it’s the same story. Innovation funding is concentrated in four places; Silicon Valley, New York City, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Elsewhere, the equity funding new tech ventures need to thrive is hard to come by. In most cases it’s simply not accessible at all. There are countries that can boast a few hero projects, but in reality, they comprise just a tiny fraction of the true potential of global tech innovation. The cost of these missed opportunities is incalculable.

Dacxi estimates that as many as one million new ventures a year are lost because they don’t have access to adequate funding. 

In developing countries, the development of a healthy new business environment is especially crucial. This is because of the clear links between the emergence of a country’s strong commercially-based middle class and a general improvement in their living standards.

Now imagine there was a funding system that levelled the playing field. A system that gave entrepreneurs in Senegal the same access to equity funding for new ventures as people in San Jose. It’s clear what a system like this would do. It would explode innovation, and eliminate a major cause of economic and social inequality that’s enshrined by the present system. And that’s precisely the insight that led to the development of the Dacxi Chain. 

The Dacxi Chain is the world’s first tokenized equity crowdfunding platform.

The Dacxi Chain uses blockchain technology to overcome the flaws of the current Early Stage funding system, and deliver a level of innovation funding unlike anything we’ve seen before. It will enable funding to be distributed fairly and equally everywhere in the world.

The Dacxi Chain is designed with the belief that innovation is blind to race, religion, sex and culture. There are countless fantastic ideas and entrepreneurs in every country. With the right funding, they can and will change the world for the better. When there is no longer such an unfair divide between the economic and social ‘haves and have nots’, everyone benefits.

The Dacxi Chain makes investing fairer for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Countless people around the world want the buzz of investing in great businesses. They have the money to put into speculative investment, and the desire for the hyper-growth in value that Early Stage investment can deliver. They just need the system, support and the confidence to do it. But under the current system, they’re locked out of the vast majority of attractive projects – leading to countless missed opportunities.

Unlocking access to a world of Early Stage investment opportunities.

The Dacxi Chain tokenized equity crowdfunding system will sit on top of a global network of local crypto-wealth platforms, run by locally licensed companies. These companies will provide deal evaluation, investor support and token exchanges.

The local Dacxi licensee will find companies that have the growth potential investors are looking for. Valuation and capital raised is based on a global (rather than a local) offering, which means terms are more attractive to entrepreneurs and investors alike. Dacxi has a unique due diligence system so investors can trust the deal. 

As crowdfunding stands today, start-up success is about being fortunate enough to live in the right place. With the Dacxi Chain, it will be about vision, ability, energy, dedication, management, and skill. Qualities that are in abundance everywhere in the world, not just Silicon Valley or Shanghai. Dacxi believes that’s only fair. Don’t you? 

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