How CoolCousin Solves the Problem in the Online Travel Market

Going to Aruba on a vacation? Have a conference to attend in Istanbul? CoolCousin is already one of the coolest travel apps you can find around that allows travelers find local buddies (referred to as Cousins on the app) to provide them with reliable information on the traveler’s destination- itineraries, lodgings, events and even culture. Cousins get to earn for their recommendations.

The difference between CoolCousin and several other online travel agencies is that it enables travelers to get on-demand information to guide them on their tour, from locals who can be trusted. Trips can be planned with ease, with less risk of getting bad recommendations influenced by commercial ventures looking to attract customers.

CoolCousin in a bid to solve the problems in the online travel market despite the success of their existing app have decided to launch a new sphere of premium services that make use of Blockchain technology. The aim is to decentralize the process of service delivery and also improve on the method of incentives for Cousins (the locals who deliver information to travelers via CoolCousin).

CoolCousin is launching an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) named CUZ, a crypto token that will be used as a method of payment for the premium services offered on the platform. By employing Blockchain technology, CoolCousin becomes a peer to peer communication platform taking control from the company and giving it to the users in other to facilitate a more trustworthy platform.

Transparency and security become the watchword of this new innovation.  Information on the platform also becomes immutable, creating trust and making data easy to track.

The new Blockchain backed system means CoolCousin will be bringing into the online travel market an independent community of local experts who will be able to produce and monitor authentic content for travelers, earn money for their contributions.

Information provided by these Cousins will be unbiased and worthy of users’ trust because the company’s input will be reduced to the barest minimum and as a result less chances of making commercial choices that is not in the interest of the platform’s users.

Another attractive by product of this new system is the resulting affordability that will come from reduced overheads and less costs on transactions. The premium services to be offered will become cheaper because of the direct nature of communication between users and Cousins on the network.

CUZ, CoolCousin’s Crypto Token will be at the center of their reward system that will make the platform more attractive to locals and incentivize the dependable information being given out by the Cousins.

Before now, CoolCousin provided travelers with a platform that connected them with locals to guide them with trusted information. However, with the implementation of this open-source Blockchain platform, the company now prioritizes consumer interests over corporate decisions.

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