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How Companies find Ways to communicate Better through Technology

Communicate Better through Technology

If you remember a time when contacting a company meant using a telephone, and no other ways were made available for you to do so, you are probably past your adolescence. But it has to be said that in the latter years, communicating with clients has been greatly increased for company. Here is how they have evolved, thanks to technology.

Interactive Voice Response System

It would not be true to say that communicating through telephone has completely gone away. There are moments when you need to talk to someone, in order to describe what the problem is, that you are facing, or it needs to be solved rapidly. These are usually the circumstances when you call a company. Before, you had to do this from home, because you simply did not know how long you would have to wait on the phone, for an operator to finally be available to speak to you. But today, thanks to interactive voice response systems, such as the ones provided by Aircall, customers are taken care of right away.

In a few rings, the IVR system will kick into action. It will answer and direct the call towards the right department, according to the answers that the customers will provide, in regards to the questions asked by the machine. Therefore, the time of waiting is often close to zero. Most of the time, the customer’s issue will even be solved without him having to talk to anyone in the company. But when a representative is needed, the system will simply transfer the call to the right person.

A Large Variety of Ways to connect with Companies in 2022

There has been a constant increase in the communication tools that serve companies. The first one to appear (other than through a phone call) was the e-mail. From the moment that the internet came to life, this method was used to communicate with companies. However, it was (and still is) usually a long process, where you do not get the answer that you need, right away. Today, there are much more efficient text messages software that enables individuals to communicate with a service provider. For example, WhatsApp will let the person who sent the message know as soon as they have received the message by showing two strokes, and the colour of the dot will change once read, if it is a voice message that the customer has left.

When social media came to life, they weren’t created for companies to communicate with their clients, but as a way for people to connect with each other, online. We all know how much this has changed through the last decade. Today, Instagram is one of the most useful marketing tools available to businesses which want to connect with more customers in their market, worldwide. Facebook is often the only thing as close to a website that a business has, especially in particular fields, such as restaurants, in 2022. But most of all, it has become a new way for consumers to get in touch with their favourite brands.

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