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How Companies Can Achieve Carbon Neutrality With Carbmee


There are many good reasons for industrial companies to think about decarbonization. On the one hand, there is pressure from the regulatory side. For example, in Germany, there is the so-called Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains. Additionally, there are CO2 emission trading systems, like the EU ETS, and carbon border taxes, like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.

Further, consumer sentiments are changing and shifting heavily towards CO2-neutral products and companies, which means that, from a marketing and brand position perspective, companies need to adapt. This means that companies have to think about sustainability and ESG goals within their supply chain.

They might even have to rethink and transform their business models. If they don’t, their costs will be too high.

What is carbmee?

carbmee provides an environmental intelligence system that enables companies from various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, process and chemical, as well as energy and fast-moving consumer goods, to identify their CO2 hotspots. Once these hotspots are identified, they can be optimized and emissions can be reduced.

“At carbmee, our goal for the future is to get as much carbon as possible under management so that we can help as many companies as possible to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their net-zero strategy targets,” said Christian Heinrich, co-founder of carbmee.

When one is talking about net-zero or climate neutral, there is a differentiation between Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions, according to the global greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol. Scope 1 and 2 emissions are usually internal, which means they can easily be managed and reduced.

Unfortunately, they only account for around 20 percent of overall emissions. Scope 3 emissions account for the remaining 80 percent of emissions, and they occur in supply chains, logistics, resource acquisition, and business travel, which means that they are hard to track down and manage.

carbmee helps companies manage this kind of complexity with its software. For example, companies can track down their Scope 3 CO2 hotspots and then collaborate with suppliers or logistics providers to decrease emissions.

“This needs to be managed continuously, and carbmee provides a software that connects data from your business transactions in your ERP systems with environmental databases. Based on that, you can then start tracking down your hotspots. You can also invite your manufacturers or suppliers to collaborate on the platform, exchange information, and more,” said Heinrich

With carbmee, companies can set clear targets for their teams and then work accordingly to achieve them. These targets are usually derived from the overall climate and environmental strategies of a company, and they can be managed and measured in the carbmee system in order to reduce emissions.

“We already have a lot of companies using our platform. For example, some leading S&P Global companies in the machine construction industry and really big logistics companies, which are certainly responsible for a lot of CO2 emissions due to the nature of their business, are using carbmee,” said Heinrich.

“Additionally, we are also working with companies from the process industry, like seed producers, as well as with automotive tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs. In a nutshell, we work with every company that is producing something, working with hardware, or related to logistics,” Heinrich added. 

Seeing as climate change is quite literally a hot topic at the moment, with scientists from all over the globe warning of its disastrous negative effects, it’s apparent that companies need to find ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Consumer sentiment is already heavily shifting toward sustainable and climate-neutral businesses and products, and some governments are also starting to put a bigger focus on climate-related issues, like industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

So, there are many incentives for companies to reduce their emissions or to change and optimize their business models. Carbmee is an easy way for businesses to find and manage their CO2 hotspots, which will reduce their emissions.

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