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How Can Your Company Use Salesforce PRM For Better Partner Management

Various moving parts are responsible for business longevity and forging healthy strategic partnerships ranks high on that list. 

Considering that resellers, distributors, and other business associates provide opportunities that create value, entrepreneurs are on an unending quest to elevate these mutually beneficial relationships.

Adopting Salesforce PRM is one of the surefire ways enterprises can nurture and manage partnerships.

So, what exactly is it?

What Is a Salesforce Partner Relationship Management?

Partner relationship management is a system that equips your partners (sellers, distributors, and retailers) with the essential tools they need to boost sales. 

The system facilitates seamless communication, manages data, and streamlines business processes, allowing partners to work in cohesion and speed up the sales cycle.   

Why Should You Choose Salesforce Partner Relationship Management with Experience Cloud?

Experience Cloud partner community management system is a market leader. The reasons why installing the Salesforce PRM app would be beneficial to your company include:

  • Monitoring sales performances

Companies can leverage the PRM solution to keep track of how well (or not) their associates are doing saleswise. The solution provides a dashboard that offers a bird’s eye view of sales and emerging selling opportunities.

  • Allows sales forecasting

The Salesforce partner management software stores historical data on sales and other KPIs that can be instrumental in predicting future revenues. Companies can use the generated reports to increase conversions by encouraging consumers to buy higher-end or additional products.   

  • Facilitates lead generation

Another appealing capability of the Salesforce PRM portal is that it can document leads. As a result, companies can assess a prospect’s revenue potential through detailed documentation, allowing businesses to make informed decisions.

Additionally, considering companies can set triggers that notify them when prospects meet specific parameters, they can use this information to assign sales opportunities to the appropriate partners. This practice significantly boosts conversions, one of the critical building blocks of business success. 

What are the Key Features of the Salesforce PRM system?

The salesforce partner management software is feature-rich. Among its array of functionalities, here are the main ones you can expect. 

  • Onboarding program:

The solution consolidates a partner’s data and other vital documentation, integrating them into the existing supply chain ecosystem. It simplifies the handling of associates, keeps track of all business processes, and streamlines communications.  

  • Central management portal:

By conducting Salesforce Partner Portal PRM integration, you have a central portal where you can access all partner data. The solution presents you with a partner’s history of communication, activities, and any other essential information with a few clicks. 

  • Sales growth

The software equips partners with the necessary tools and resources to up their sales. In addition, there are ongoing training and support programs that enlighten partners on surefire ways to build connections, push sales and improve their overall bottom line. 

  • Automation

The partnership relationship management system veers from manual processes, leveraging artificial intelligence for automation. The solution will automatically rack up information from previous business dealings, identify prospects ideal for specific partners and assign them. Such targeted lead generation increases the likelihood of consumers converting.

AC Partner Marketplace and AC Partner Co-Branding — native Salesforce Experience Cloud apps

AC Partner Marketplace is a platform that facilitates the management of distributors, suppliers, retailers, and other vendors in your supply chain. It is an excellent business tool that ensures the smooth running of business processes. AC Partner Marketplace:

  • Helps partners to generate more and better leads,
  • Helps customers to filter by industry, level, reviews or any other attributes,
  • Enables customers to locate best and closest partners,
  • Gives power to customers through reviews,
  • Gets rid of the burden of administering partner information.

AC Partner Co-Branding enables your partners to brand and collaborate on the promotional items for your products and services by creating complementary marketing and sales resources. AC Partner Co-Branding allows you: 

  • to provide partners with marketing assets, 
  • to protect your brand identity, 
  • to support multiple document formats, 
  • to have multiple folders for better assets order.

One of the most notable perks of joining the Salesforce PRM community is that it exposes partners to lucrative opportunities for business growth. Apart from equipping them with the tools and resources needed to generate leads in existing and emerging markets, the platform streamlines communications and business activities.

Also, considering that each customer has unique needs, the solution allows consumers to locate their ideal partners with ease. They can use a variety of attributes such as location, industry, and reviews to pick their best-suited partner and contact them directly.

Wrapping up

Salesforce community implementation is what every company needs to foster healthy relations with its suppliers and affiliates. It ensures efficiency in workflows and keeps everyone on the same page to avoid catastrophic breakdowns in business processes.

Try out AC Partner Marketplace and AC Partner Co-Branding from Advanced Communities today and witness exponential business growth.

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