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How Can You Prevent The Presence Of Malaria And Dengue Mosquitos?


..A mosquito bite is one of the least pleasant things that you can experience on a day-to-day basis. A few bites can ruin your mood and cause much discomfort for the victim, who will now be scratching their skin incessantly. There are many different types of mosquitoes out there, but some people do not realize how many different things they carry with them besides common diseases like malaria and dengue fever; others are unaware that mosquitoes even spread these diseases in the first place.

  • Clear stagnant water:

These types of mosquitoes love nothing more than breeding in dirty water. They like to lay their eggs in stagnant water and then wait for their young to grow within the puddle. Therefore, it is best to clear out all the stagnant water from your yard every once in a while so that these pests aren’t going to be drawn in. It may seem unnecessary, but this will significantly affect how many mosquitoes are attracted to your home and neighborhood.

  • Reduce exposed skin:

This mosquito loves the taste of human blood, so the more skin you expose. The more likely they will try and feed on you; it’s as simple as that. They are attracted to the color red so always wear long sleeves, pants, or any other clothing that covers up as much of your skin as possible.

  • Use insect repellants:

There are plenty of different insect repellants out there these days, and they come in all sorts of scents and tastes. Some people think the chemicals in them are harmful to you, but not really; it is just their perfume or other ingredients that attract mosquitoes. It is best to use an insecticide as a precautionary measure against these pests. So you should get yourself one with a decent amount of protection built in.

  • Keep the windows and doors shut:

If you have never used a window or door, it may seem like there is no point in shutting them all the way. But this is the best thing to do. Opening these windows and doors allows mosquitos to enter and breed in your indoor environment. It also provides a good breeding ground for insects you don’t want in your home. These pests can’t just crawl into your house without your consent.

  • Use plants and candles:

The outside environment of your home is often a breeding ground for these pests. Plants and shrubs will help to keep them at bay. Some of the best plants and shrubs to repel mosquitoes include catnip, lemongrass, garlic, thyme, marigolds, and lavender. Candles and incense are some of the oldest methods to keep mosquitoes away. The smell they put off usually drives these pests away instantly because it is too much for them to handle.

Mosquitos are unfortunate creatures to have to deal with in many cases. Still, it is essential to know that not every mosquito you see will carry dangerous diseases. Knowing how to use some of these tips can help lessen the chance that you will ever get infected. Why don’t you get in touch with professionals in your city? Many of them are well known bed bug exterminators.



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