How can You Fix a Brother Printer That is Printing Blank Pages?

Brother printers are globally known for offering excellent printing services. These devices are very robust and you can easily connect the Brother printer to any device. From DNP to powerful inkjet; you can find a wide range of Brother printers. These printers are reliable but sometimes they may start showing printing errors. How to fix a Brother printer that wont print? Whenever you get an error, you need to check for the possible causes and fix them.

Common causes behind Brother printer printing blank pages error

Your Brother printer meets a runtime error
The printer can’t read the print job correctly
The Brother printer’s printhead is clogged
The printer can’t read the cartridge
You are using a low-printing mode
Low-quality ink usage

Resolving Brother printer printing blank pages error

Try running a printer troubleshooter

Your Brother printer can get any kind of printing error when some of the printer files are not working correctly. When the printer meets a runtime error, you have to fix the corrupted files. If your device is connected to a Windows PC, use a printer troubleshooter. Go to the PC and open the search bar. Now type printer troubleshooter and run the tool. This inbuilt tool will start looking for all corrupted printer files. It will fix the files and your printer will start working correctly.

Inspect the printer driver

Your printer device can get a printing error when it can’t read the print job correctly. To fix the problem, go to the printer and check the connected device. Now, on the connected PC; open the drivers’ folder. Check the list for your Brother printer. If the printer is available, run an update. After updating, check whether your printing error is fixed or not. In case, your PC doesn’t have a printer driver then go to your web browser and open Brother printer’s website. Start looking for a printer driver. Install the correct Brother printer driver on your device and now reconnect the printer to your driver.

Clean the printhead of your Brother printer

Your Brother printer prints at a very good quality. If you are getting a printing-related error then check the printhead. You have to clean the printhead of your device often. This printhead often gets clogged due to the dried ink. Go to your printer and look for a cleaning utility tool. Run the utility tool for 3-4 times and the clogged ink will get removed. Now send a new print job and check for the print quality. If the printhead is not cleaned properly; clean it manually. Go to the printer and check the printheads. Now take a lint-free cloth and a few drops of cleanser. Remove all the dried ink from the printhead carefully. Wait until the printhead dries and now you can easily take high-quality printouts from your device.

Inspect the cartridges

Your Brother printer may show you a blank printing error when it can’t read the cartridge. Go to the printer and check the cartridges. Remove all the cartridges from the printer and check for any damage. Clean the slots and remove all dust. Also, check the cartridges for plastic protective clips. Sometimes, the user forgets to remove the protective clip before installing the cartridge. Remove the clip and reinstall the cartridge correctly on the printer. Now go to the printer and try to take the printouts.

Use only original cartridges

Blank printing errors can appear when the user has installed third-party cartridges on the printer. Those cartridges are cheaper but have poor-quality ink. Clone cartridges are fit-to-all cartridges. Some Brother printers may not read these clone cartridges. Even if the printer recognizes the cartridge; the ink quality is usually poor. Your printer will provide you poor quality printouts. You should only use the original cartridges on the printer. Go to your printer and replace those cartridges. Now go to the computer and take the printouts. If you can’t purchase original cartridges then check for high-quality ink. You can refill the ink on your original cartridges. After refilling, shake the cartridges carefully and reinstall them. Now send a new print command and take your printouts.

Change the printing mode

If you are getting issues in print quality then check the printing mode. Go to the printer and check the mode. If the printing mode is set to Low then change it to Normal. Now take a printout and check the quality. If your quality is still not that good then change the printing mode to High. This will take more quantity of ink for printing. The printing speed will reduce but you will get printouts of a better quality. Now you can take printouts of colorful bright images easily. You can use a high-speed USB cable to improve the speed of your printouts.

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