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How Can You Change Battery Color on iPhone? (2 Methods) 

How Can You Change Battery Color on iPhone

Many iPhone users commented to come up with a blog, “How to change Battery Color on iPhone?” So, this time, I am here today to discuss how you can easily change the battery color of your iPhone. So, come look inside it.

If you see the battery indicator seemed to be one of the aspects shown on the status bar of your iPhone. Its icon reflects how much battery life is left in your iPhone and offers you an idea of how long you may use it before charging it.

However, you also need to know one aspect if you wish to change the color of your battery symbol to something else, you will be disheartened. You only have a few color selections, and some of them may be available only under certain conditions.

We’ll teach you two different ways how to change color of battery on iPhone.

2 Best Methods to Change Color of Battery on iPhone

Here, I have talked all about the two best methods on how to change color of battery icon on iPhone. So, come be with me to till the end to know all about it in quick detail.

Method 1: Using iPhone Settings

For this, you will require to toggle on battery % in iPhone Settings > General > Battery> You’ll see a new line in your status bar, in addition to that small lightning bolt, that tells how much charge is remaining. 

Things improve even further with iOS 15. On the same page, you can see how much battery your smartphone apps use.

Now, using the toggle, activate Low power mode; your battery icon will become yellow as a result. This method is seen to be the only way for the users to learn how to quickly change the battery color of the iPhone without installing any other known apps. If you want to auto tap on your iPhone then you use the auto clicker for iPhone for free.

Method 2: Using a Third-Party App

The second technique for changing the color of your battery indicator is to use the software. You will find a number of third-party apps around you that will allow you to customize and change the appearance of the device. 

The only drawback is that these methods require you to jailbreak your phone to change the color of your power indicator. 

In this series, the Smoothbattery tweak is one of the free Cydia tweaks that allows you to customize the color of your battery icon. Change the icon size, color label text, and many other configurable aspects with additional settings.

One advantage of using the SmoothBattery modification is that it works without any glitches or issues. When you use it, your screen will get a completely new look and feel!

This tweak is free to download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and is compatible with all iOS 7, 8, and 13 devices. All jailbroken devices, including the iPad 2, iPad Mini/Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S/4/3S, and iPhone 5/5S, are also supported.

All of these features set it apart from other similar apps, but when the 14-day trial period expires, you’ll have to pay. Still, SmoothBattery Tweak is the finest option among all other comparable programs if you want to modify your power icon quickly.

To summarise, the Smothbattery tweak has achieved the #1 rank on our list due to its unique qualities, which include making the battery symbols both stylish and cool without any difficulties.

Final Words

So, these are two easy methods to change the battery color on iPhone. I hope this article has helped you in changing the battery color of your iPhone. If you have any queries regarding battery color of iPhone , do let us know in the comments area below. 

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