How Can You Attract Crypto Users To Your Site?

Crypto Users

We’ve previously discussed how accepting Crypto currency can increase sales, deposits, and conversions. Also, what you need to know about crypto users, their payment preferences, and how to get them to pay.

It’s not enough to simply add Bitcoin support to a website. You need to attract crypto users as well as motivate existing customers to use Crypto currency. We have compiled a list of the best ways to increase crypto users for your company based on our market experience.

7 Ways To Attract Crypto currency Users 

  1. Popups & Buttons

A set of well-designed payment icons featuring coin logos placed in strategic places on your website will make it easy for regular crypto users to notice these logos. A popup should be created on your checkout or deposit page. This will inform customers that they can now make Bitcoin payments. 

  1. Social Media Marketing: Twitter And Facebook

Although both Facebook and Twitter have banned crypto advertising in 2018, you can still grow your crypto-paying community on these platforms by using a variety of techniques.

Promotion on your business page or group

Giveaways: e.g. To win exclusive merchandise and a gift, pay with BTC/USDT

You may also find special offers, such as Special offers: e.g., Discount on products when you pay in Bitcoin, a rebate for mining fees when you purchase a more costly product, or a welcome bonus

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to attract Crypto currency users

  1. SEO

Optimizing for crypto audiences will require optimization of your website, marketing content and Guest post on Crypto currency blog. This will require careful keyword planning, including an analysis of keywords used by competitors’ businesses and the creation of new content such as blog posts.

  1. Marketing To Influencers

To attract Crypto currency payers in Latin America, Russia, and the European Union, influencer integrations are an efficient way to reach them.

It is important to give each influencer a detailed SEO-optimized short that explains your product and includes keywords, tags and sample headers. This will maximize the impact.

  1. Banners And Context Ads For Affiliate Networks

Although Facebook and Google banned crypto advertising many years ago, it is still possible to run a successful campaign as long you understand how to avoid moderation. If you want to sell products or services to Russian-speaking customers, VK is an excellent alternative.

To convert impressions into clicks, quality visuals and carefully worded content are essential.

Advertising through crypto affiliate networks can yield great results. Crypto affiliate marketers can advertise your products to drive traffic to your site, and earn an affiliate commission.

  1. Press Releases And Media Placements

Prepare a press release to announce the launch of crypto payment on your website. Also, prepare a few expert articles about your industry. This is a great way to get free media placements and brand mentions that will help you rank higher on Google.

  1. Directory Of Aggregate Sites And Directories

Register your business in online directories that feature crypto-friendly merchants. These directories are popular among users looking for crypto-friendly merchants.

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