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How Can Technology Improve Your Small Business

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Regularly making improvements is vital to maintaining and growing a successful small business, and in the digital age, technology can make this process simpler and more effective. There are several benefits to implementing technological solutions in a small business, including: 

  • Better decision making as information can be collected and presented in real-time
  • Greater access to a variety of sales channels
  • Lower costs
  • Less storage required for documents and paperwork
  • Better customer service
  • Automation of tasks
  • Improved productivity

If you would like to find out more about how technology can improve your small business, take a look at some example solutions below.

Get an Electronic Cash Register

Electronic cash registers are a vital piece kit for any business and it functions as a point of sale to handle transaction cash or card. Other functions featured on many reliable cash registers also include stock tracking, sales reports, and tax calculations. Most POS computers comprise a touch screen display or keyboard and a printer. 

In order to accurately track customer transactions, speed up checkout times and keep clear and organized records, all small businesses should take advantage of an electronic payment system. 

Use Facebook Ads to Target Potential Customers

Facebook is a powerful tool when marketing a small business as it can help to reach large numbers of potential customers affordably and quickly. Using Facebook pixel business owners and managers can use the Custom Audience tool and tracking data to deliver targeted ads. The result is often higher sales conversion rates as Facebook ads ensure that potential customers regularly see your posts. 

The Core Audience tool on Facebook allows businesses to define custom criteria based on age, behaviour, connections, interests, location and preferences.

Focus on Social Media

In addition to Facebook, there is also a wide range of other social media platforms out there with lots of marketing opportunities for small businesses. Social media marketing should be the core of any business’s marketing plan due to it being the most efficient and cost-effective way to reach a specific audience. A well-thought-out and executed social media marketing plan usually results in better conversion rates as it allows businesses to deliver a range of engaging content in their posts and adverts including text, photos, and videos.

Search Engine Optimization

Although many small businesses have basic websites, not all of them are optimized so that they rank well on search engines such as Google which makes use of bots to index websites and decide where they appear in search results depending on the keywords contained in the sites’ content. 

For a website to rank well on search engines, small businesses need to create and implement a clear search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for both your website and social media. The field of SEO also involves making a fast and user-friendly website with plenty of interesting content with keywords that potential customers may be searching for. 

Small Business Technology

Developing and growing any type of small business can be challenging, however luckily nowadays there is a great range of technological solutions available that can automate tasks, reach more customers and improve productivity. 

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