How Can People Capitalize on their Knowledge?

Everyone has the power to capitalize on their expertise.  Not many know how to do that.

It’s hard to overemphasize the value of knowledge, in the last couple of decades information has become widely available and easily accessible. The internet’s made it possible for anyone and everyone to share their thoughts on any topic.

Although this is a positive trend, it comes with drawbacks. First and foremost, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get through the clutter of information to what you’re actually looking for. Second, it’s become very difficult to capitalize on your knowledge.  This becomes evident when you examine how people currently make money from their knowledge. The existing monetization techniques boil down to creating lessons, holding master classes, launching online courses, coaching, consulting and vlogging, all of which require a lot of time and effort.

Even though the avalanche of information forms a good market environment, creating a variety of choices to fulfill the needs of many, finding relevant information is still a struggle.

We’ve now come to the stage where we have courses training people how to create courses – and get rich overnight. Creating such courses doesn’t lead to immediate success. On the contrary, when it comes to real actions we’re faced with a long and tedious process, that in addition to our expertise, demands our full attention, diligence, time, capital and a team to help along the way. This results in a situation where people who are running courses of any type, are trapped: they must choose to either manage the course or pursue a professional career.

Those taking courses sometimes realize that they are taught by individuals still wet behind the ears.  People who know little of a particular business sector, and have small practical experience, tend to teach others. It’s not a rule of course, but still the knowledge market is flooded with so-called professionals. We’ve come to believe there must be a way for people to get rewarded for sharing valuable information, not giving up their current career and not tarnishing their reputation.

Since 2010 ASKfm has been running a platform, providing the opportunity to pass knowledge from one individual to another in the most direct and natural way. Over the past 7 years, 215 million users from 168 countries have found the answers to over 30 billion questions. And today ASKfm is on the path of making information lucrative for true experts in the easiest way.

Let’s say we have a lawyer in his 50s from Rochester, Jason. Just recently he found a new hobby – pottery. He finds it both calming and exciting. Over the last year he’s grown a lot in his hobby and he’d like to share his experience, pitfalls every beginner can come across when starting up pottery. Being a full time lawyer doesn’t allow him the time to create an entire course. Moreover, he acknowledges he’s not an expert in this field and he believes he’s not ready to start a serious pottery class.    

With ASKfm 2.0 Jason will be able to monetize his knowledge without spending time, with literally no efforts, whenever he wants, while socializing with others who share his hobby. The platform will utilize the ASKT token, the internal currency, to reward Jason for the best answers and for performing various actions within the platform (likes, shares user invitation, etc.). With ASKfm Jason will be able to join a community interested in pottery, provide valuable advice to beginners, get rewarded in ASKT tokens for it, as well as continue his own pottery education with industry opinion leaders who give solid advice on the platform.

Then there’s Mark. Mark lives in a small village in Austria, he’s loved animals since he was a kid. For that reason he became a veterinarian. He became pretty good at what he does, however he feels very constrained by the small village he lives in and wants to help as many animals as possible. Being the only vet in “town” there just isn’t enough time in Mark’s day to set up and maintain a full course or online practice. However, joining the ASKfm family will help him share his experience with pet owners and farmers all around the world.

Being an expert, Mark will be sharing valuable and accurate information people can trust, helping thouthands of animals. Mark will get rewarded with ASKT tokens for answering questions on the ASKfm 2.0 platform and for inviting other users to the platform. Together they’ll be able to start a movement devoted to saving animals.

These are just a couple examples of how people from different business sectors can monetize their knowledge in the fields they’re passionate about.

ASKfm 2.0 is aimed at bridging the gap between people looking for the best answers to life’s dilemmas and the those who have them.

With ASKfm 2.0 you don’t always need to have wide expertise, just to know enough to provide quality answers with legitimate value.  

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