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How Can Non-Profits Make the Most of Tech With Google Ad Grants

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If you currently run a non-profit organization, you may be concerned about how much businesses are now relying on technology to function. Charities and other types of non-profit organizations often struggle more than profitable businesses to keep up with technology because they do not have the finances or the voluntary skills that they need to do this. However, Google Ad Grants can help non-profit organizations overcome their issues with technology, and here is how.

What tech challenges do charities face?

Although most charities now have a digital strategy, charities and non-profit organizations often struggle with more technical challenges than other types of companies because they do not have the right resources to support their tech use, and many of the services that they use do not either. This may mean that they are stuck using outdated technology that fails to capture the numbers of people that they need.

Not only this, but charities may struggle to find skilled volunteers or employees with the specific skills that they need, especially if these skills are incredibly specialist or highly sought after. They may also not have enough money to invest in, maintain and update their equipment and their digital tools, which may mean that they fall behind the times faster than other sorts of companies.

How can Google Ad Grants help?

Google Ad Grants can help non-profit organizations to make the most out of the technology that is at their fingertips by promoting them on a digital platform. Rather than charities having to raise the money to do this by themselves, Google Ad Grants give them up to $10,000 a month to use on advertising. Their charity advertisement will then show up next to paid advertisements or will have its own separate space. This can then help to raise awareness of the charity in question and will encourage more people to donate and to get invested in the cause that is at the heart of the charity in question. This will then ensure that charities stop being hidden behind for-profit companies that have large marketing budgets. As such, you should consider finding out more about Google Ad Grants and how to access them for your charity.

How can charities then use tech?

Google Ad Grants can then help charities by ensuring that they can encourage people to donate to and support their cause even if the person in question has never heard of their charity before or is not actively searching for it. Not only this, but this type of marketing can help charities to promote specific campaigns that they are running and raise awareness of the big issues that the charity is focused on. This additional awareness can be useful when it comes to crowdfunding and other aspects of their campaign, as crowdfunding relies on public donations and on people spreading the word about the campaign in question.

As such, Google Ad Grants can help our non-profit organization to continue helping its cause both now and in the future through the use of technology and digital platforms.

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