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How Can Network Engineers Easily Pass the EI (Enterprise Infrastructure) CCIE Certification of Cisco? An Exclusive Detailed Study Guide + Exam Plan

CCIE Certification

Since the construction of the network, the network configuration has been centered on the manual configuration of each equipment. This was not a big problem before, but now this method for configuring hundreds of devices on the network has become a stumbling block to the effective and rapid delivery of applications.

With the development of network technology and the continuous expansion of network scale, any change brought by human beings is more likely to cause errors: wrong configuration, whether it is a simple command spelling error or a wrong change to the equipment, or even the complete loss of equipment in the network.

So, how to deal with large-scale network faults in the shortest time? If it is difficult to solve quickly only by the current way, automation is a feasible solution. Automation appears in the network field along with the concept of network programmability and software defined network (SDN).

In order to promote the development of this new technology, Cisco launched a new EI CCIE certification this year. This is a very noteworthy certification, which means that you have mastered the application of new technology

At present, there are circulating CCNA and CCNP certification courses. Though the CCIE certification course has not started for the time being because the CCIE certification exam information has not been updated, many students have signed up for the EI CCIE sprint course in IE-LAB in advance. Everyone wants to obtain this new certificate in the shortest time.

In order to help you obtain CCIE certificate as soon as possible, IE-LAB has made sufficient preparations. It is suggested that if you plan to take part in CCIE certification exam, you should make some preparations in advance.

To pass the LAB exam of EI V1.0, you need to improve your ability. You need to:

  • understand multicast protocols;
  • understand QoS;
  • understand the enterprise network security architecture;
  • learn to use Cisco DNAC;
  • understand Cisco SD-Access solutions;
  • understand the working principle of Cisco SD-WAN solutions;
  • understand the basics of Python Programming;
  • learn to introduce APLs into Cisco DANC and vManage.

If you can complete the above learning tasks, it is believed that you can complete the EI CCIE certification exam within 90 days.

Students may lack enough time to practice because of various reasons in work or life. And some people may complain about lack of time and busy work as an excuse or a reason to delay learning.

Therefore, plan your own arrangement reasonably, make sufficient preparations before the exam, and maintain good communication with the teacher. With the help of IE-LAB, I believe you will pass EI CCIE certification smoothly soon.

About CCNA certification:

From the summary of the content of the new CCNA textbook, Cisco’s curriculum design is more related to the deployment environment of the current network, deleting some old knowledge points, simplifying unimportant parts, and deleting EIGRP routing protocol at the same time.

The new content concerns wireless infrastructure, switch security, network architecture (Design) and network automation. It is not difficult to see that these contents are part of the technical points of the new enterprise network architecture model.

On the premise that the CCNA class hours remain unchanged, the contents have been expanded in so many directions, which requires students to master more network technologies and fully understand the enterprise network architecture model in the CCNA learning process.

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