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How Can I Solve The Fortnite Item Shop FPS Drop (#1 Is Magical)

Who doesn’t love to enjoy Fortnite without any issues? The gamers know how essential frames per second (FPS) are. In addition to the game, many people find a Fortnite item shop FPS drop issues. This causes a much mess while purchasing new outfits or items. These unpleasant in-game issues badly affect the gamers’ experience.

A lag-free game with lower pings and higher FPS is the ultimate wish of every Fortnite gamer, But is it possible? While reading this article, you will get the answer to this query, so let me inform you about the reasons for the Fortnite fps drop and its solutions.

Why Do My Fortnite Item Shop FPS Drop?

Don’t stress yourself and think that you will not buy Fortnite items and can never enjoy the game to its whole. Because there are specific reasons behind this Fortnite fps drop, check the below list to find which one causes an issue on your side.

  • If you encounter an FPS drop only in the Fortnite item shop whenever you open it, it means some bug caused this particular issue.
  • Online gaming depends upon a good internet connection. Similarly, using the Fortnite item shop to purchase something requires a smooth and proper network connection. The FPS drops suddenly if the signal drops, like while using WiFi.
  • Everyone knows that the main reason for FPS drop is the workload on the CPU, whether it is due to unnecessary programs you are using side by side or your system running several programs in the background. Because of the space that these unneeded apps take up on your CPU and RAM, Fortnite won’t be able to function as smoothly.
  • Playing games puts a lot of pressure on your system. If you suddenly encounter an issue while playing the game, it may be because your PC can’t keep it cool by eliminating the heat through fans.
  • Outdated or corrupted graphic cards may cause a sudden change in FPS, but it is not always the case. Still, you have to consider this point also.

How Can I Solve The Fortnite Item Shop FPS Drop

Similar to many reasons for dropping FPS, there are many ways to resolve this issue. Because the smooth Fortnite experience is everyone’s ultimate need, so, that’s why I am going to discuss the top 7 ways that will help you in this matter.

7 Tips To Solve Your Problem

Keep reading to know how to fix Fortnite item shop fps drop.

1). Buy An FPS Booster.

Fixing in-game bugs, such as Fortnite’s FPS increase, on your own might be daunting. To assist you in completing all the challenging tasks, I recommend using a professional Fortnite FPS booster like LagoFast. The recommendation is purely based on its low price and high level of professionalism. It has been helping gamers increase their frame rate, eliminate latency, and lower their ping for over eight years.

LagoFast put an end to the latency in Fortnite. It helps gamers to enjoy high definition and very fluid visuals and play Fortnite with lower ping even at 0 pings. Its easy-to-use interface lets you quickly change the Fortnite fps boost settings. It is the best solution to fix crashing and other connectivity problems plaguing Fortnite.

Here is what you get from LagoFast.

  • Pay-per-Minute plan: the most affordable subscription plan, charge you only when you use it. It saves you money.
  • It offers exclusive routes and Worldwide nodes.
  • It has independently designed a unique game data transfer protocol to serve its clients better. This protocol guarantees the data’s quality and its users’ privacy.
  • It boosts the FPS, offers a smooth gaming experience, lowers the ping, and eliminates latency.

Although using LagoFast is easy, I’m still showing the procedure to enhance the FPS for your convenience.

The first step is to download it by clicking here.

Open the application.

Write Fortnite in the search box at the top of the interface.

Source: LagoFast

Choose Fortnite and select server; click on the boost button for automatic boosting.

Source: LagoFast

You can also check the ping and packet loss rate in addition to the network type and local network fluctuation.

Source: LagoFast

You can also manually boost by clicking on the FPS boost option and turning on all the options.

Source: LagoFast

2). Verify Your System Specs.

Does your system compatible with the game? Compatibility is the most significant thing. Check your system specs; if it suits the game requirements, you will probably not find any FPS drop issue.

3). Keep Your CPU Cool

If your CPU starts overheating in the middle of the game, it means you need to do several things to keep it cool; otherwise, you will not enjoy a smooth Fortnite game.

4). Update Your Graphic Drivers

An old graphic card is not always the culprit for low FPS and lagging. But if you find no other reason behind it, maybe because of an outdated or corrupted graphic card. So, updating the graphic card drivers is a good option.

5). Close Unnecessary Programs

Running unnecessary programs in the background dulls your system CPU; thus, it can’t run Fortnite smoothly. The easiest way to resolve this particular problem is to close all the unnecessary programs so that your CPU just focuses on the Fortnite game.

6). Prioritize Your Fortnite

Another solution is to set your Fortnite to high priority. Thus your system gives more preference to Fortnite and makes it use more resources for a smooth gaming experience without FPS drop. You can do this by simply choosing the “high” option from the set priority in the Fortnite process of Task manager’s detail tab.

7). Go With The Latest Ones

Sometimes, the bug is the main reason for Fortnite item shop FPS drop. And the way to resolve this is just to update your game. You can easily learn about the new announcements and updated versions from the Internet. Just keep an eye on them and update your game for the more smooth gaming experience.


I hope this blog has solved all your problems, and now you can enjoy your Fortnite without lag. After following the tips, you’ll not find any Fortnite item shop fps drop issue.

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