How Can I Make Money With Blockchain Technology?

How Can I Make Money With Blockchain Technology?

How Can I Make Money With Blockchain Technology?

To help you navigate the lucrative world of blockchain technology, we’ve gathered insights from founders, owners, and other industry leaders. From becoming a high-paid blockchain developer to creating a blockchain-based SaaS solution, here are eight ways these experts suggest you can make money with blockchain technology.

  • Become a High-Paid Blockchain Developer
  • Trade Non-Fungible Tokens for Profit
  • Develop a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
  • Offer Blockchain Consulting Services
  • Double Earnings Through Crypto Staking
  • Profit From Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Earn Passive Income With Cloud Mining
  • Create a Blockchain-Based SaaS Solution


Become a High-Paid Blockchain Developer

A lucrative way to make money with blockchain is by simply becoming a blockchain developer. The rapid enterprise adoption of blockchain has spurred skyrocketing demand for qualified developers. 

Blockchain interfaces with multiple complex protocols and requires specialized languages like Solidity and Rust. These skills are still scarce, even as more companies recognize blockchain’s potential for secure data sharing, robust analytics, and cost-efficiency. 

My experience advising firms reveals extreme talent shortages, with blockchain developers topping recent lists of the most in-demand tech jobs. Capitalizing on the supply-demand imbalance, blockchain developers can command premium freelance rates of up to $200 per hour based on their experience and portfolio.

Dennis Jost, Founder and Digital Solutions Expert, Kulana Media Productions LLC


Trade Non-Fungible Tokens for Profit

You can make money through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on platforms like Ethereum and OpenSea. NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent ownership of digital or physical items like art, music, videos, and more. 

By creating and trading NFTs, individuals can leverage blockchain technology to generate income. This emerging market presents opportunities for creators and collectors to monetize digital content and assets, providing a new way to participate in the digital economy.

Samuel Fletcher, Co-Founder, SupplyGem


Develop a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Developing a digital buy-and-sell platform that accepts various cryptocurrencies is a great way to make money with blockchain technology. I’m speaking from experience with our company, BitInvestor, which operates as a digital cryptocurrency platform. 

It provides accessible exposure to cryptocurrencies regulated by the FSA. We prioritize data security, ensuring that all sensitive information is encrypted and remains inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

If you have the necessary skills for developing blockchain applications, you have the opportunity to secure a job in this expanding industry. It’s a relatively new tech, but there is a worldwide demand for blockchain engineers and developers. 

The best part is that you don’t have to resign from your current job or relocate to gain expertise in blockchain and develop a fintech solution. Online blockchain courses offer the flexibility to study from anywhere, at your own pace, so you can learn blockchain development.

Thomas Franklin, CEO and Co-Founder, Bitinvestor


Offer Blockchain Consulting Services

Diversifying income streams through blockchain technology involves positioning yourself as a knowledgeable consultant in the decentralized space. In contrast to focusing solely on speculative aspects like cryptocurrency trading, think about offering professional advisory services to businesses seeking to integrate blockchain solutions. 

Become an expert in blockchain implementation strategies, smart contract development, or security auditing. By providing quality, value-driven services, you position yourself as a trusted partner for organizations looking to harness the potential of blockchain for efficiency, transparency, and security. 

This method not only aligns with the growing demand for blockchain expertise but also establishes a sustainable and reputable source of income grounded in the serious applications of this transformative technology.

Stuart Bensusan, Business Development Director and Owner, Surewise


Double Earnings Through Crypto Staking

Staking allows selected coins to double their potential earnings through price growth and dividend payouts in exchange for staking (or proof-of-stake) their digital assets. I believe staking allows you to earn extra coins by assisting in the security of a specific crypto network by storing your coins in a live wallet. 

Coins that can be staked include NAV Coin, PIVX, Neblio, Decred, and many others. Crypto staking is supported by the majority of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Cardano, Binance, and Solana. Earning interest on a bank deposit account has the same effect as staking cryptocurrency. 

The primary distinction is that you retain ownership of your possessions. When you elect to stake cryptocurrencies, you will receive the promised return when it is due. You will receive your program return in the staked cryptocurrency, which you may invest in, offer for staking, or trade for cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Sasha Quail, Business Development Manager,


Profit From Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Investing in cryptocurrency is popular for making money with blockchain technology. With digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, traders have endless opportunities to buy and sell assets on exchanges. 

Cryptocurrency trading involves buying low and selling high, making a profit from price differences. This can be done through trading platforms or using a cryptocurrency wallet. Note that cryptocurrency trading carries a high risk and volatility due to market price fluctuations. It requires thorough research and analysis to make informed trading decisions. 

Investing in cryptocurrencies has its challenges, like security concerns and regulatory issues. Stay updated on market trends and news to minimize risks and maximize profits. Overall, cryptocurrency trading is a profitable way to make money with blockchain technology, but it requires knowledge, patience, and risk-management skills.

Keith Sant, Founder and CEO, Kind House Buyers


Earn Passive Income With Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a great way to earn passive income. Unlike traditional crypto mining, you don’t have to buy expensive rigs or consume massive amounts of electricity. Instead, you can rent out hardware over the cloud and use it to mine cryptocurrencies. 

Once you start earning, you can reinvest to increase your cloud hardware resources. This way, you will have more hashing power to mine crypto. The important thing is to identify rising cryptocurrencies. To identify them, pay attention to the trends and community support for a particular crypto.

John Hughes, Founder and President, ContractorNerd


Create a Blockchain-Based SaaS Solution

One lucrative avenue to explore is the creation of a blockchain-based SaaS solution. By leveraging the transparency, security, and efficiency of blockchain, you can offer a service that caters to businesses looking to integrate these features into their operations—think smart contracts for real estate, supply chain management, or secure transactions. 

My experience has shown that companies are willing to invest in blockchain services that streamline their processes and provide a tangible ROI. Identifying a niche where blockchain can solve specific pain points can set you on a path to monetizing this transformative tech. Keep a close eye on market trends and demands; that’s where the golden opportunities lie.

Ankit Prakash, Founder, Sprout24


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