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How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Home?

Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects. Although they usually feed on people, they also feed on other warm-blooded creatures. Bed bugs typically feed at night while people are in their beds, trying to sleep comfortably. They can be abhorrent as they disturb your sleep because of their bites and constant itching. It is difficult to get rid of bedbugs, and in the majority of infestations, both the owner and pest control Sydney professionals will need to deal with the problem. Since bedbugs can go up to a year without eating, they may survive even in vacant rooms.

You can exterminate bed bugs with several low-odor dust sprays and aerosol pesticides. You must use these pesticides in all regions where bugs are located and any hiding spots or crevices where they might crawl. Since you cannot disinfect your beds using pesticides, it’s vital to encase the pillows, and mattresses to ensure that living bedbugs or their eggs get trapped, where they will eventually starve to death. If your house is infested with pests, you can use DIY methods or hire experts from pest control in Bondi Beach to exterminate bed bugs. Before we go on to finding the best ways to get rid of bed bugs, let us first understand what attracts them to your home.

How Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Your Home?

Many people think bed bugs seek filthy environments and are drawn to them. This is why many people believe that the usual levels of cleaning in the house will guarantee no signs of bed bugs. But as it turns out, that’s just a widespread misunderstanding. It’s not dirt or decay that attracts bed bugs. They can survive in any setting as long as they have access to the essential survival items, primarily blood. Despite being blood-feeding insects like mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs cannot fly or dwell on their hosts. Instead, they must wait for a meal to become available while hiding close to their food supply. Because of this, bed bugs are pretty adaptable. As long as they have access to regular blood meals, they can live anywhere, on the sofa cushions or the library carpet.

The following are some major bed bug causes:

  • You are buying second-hand furnishings and bringing them home. Bed bugs can enter your home through luggage, handbags, backpacks, second-hand couches, and other items.
  • Cross-contamination in a setting with multiple units. Bed bugs in hotels and apartment buildings can spread from one room to another.
  • Hotel, resort, or hostel contamination. You can bring bed bugs home with you in your clothing or luggage.
  • Visitors staying in your house. Visitors may unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home while staying there.

Pest control services Sydney have a skilled team of professionals who can detect these bed bugs from all possible locations and exterminate them with effective treatment methods.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home?

A single treatment is unlikely to completely eradicate bed bugs, making them particularly difficult to eradicate. Sprays may kill bed bugs, but they do little to nothing for the eggs. While you may employ household treatments to kill bed bugs, they may not last long. Pest control services in Bondi Beach are always necessary for follow-up examinations, and additional treatments are frequently required. Here are a few methods to get rid of bed bugs:

Physical removal

You can use adhesive tape to trap the insects if there are relatively few bugs. Vacuuming is also advised before chemical treatment since it clears the dust and debris infestation site, allowing the subsequent chemical treatment to penetrate more efficiently. Pay close attention to the room’s boundaries, the areas surrounding furniture, and the area around fixtures. After cleaning, place the vacuum bag in a sealed bag and dispose of it properly. When using stiff brushes, take care not to distribute the eggs accidentally.


You can effectively kill bed bugs in sheets and bedding by rapidly raising the temperature. When exposed to temperatures exceeding 45°C for an hour, bed bugs will die; at 60°C or higher, they will die instantly. The bugs will migrate away from the heat source as the affected area slowly and gradually warms up, possibly causing them to infiltrate new areas.

The benefit of using steam to heat objects is that it can eliminate bugs at all phases of their life cycles. An efficient way to get rid of bed bugs is to wash in water over 60°C (to ensure that you have killed every stage of the bug) and dry infested clothing in a dryer. It is advised that garments be dried for at least half an hour on the hot setting.

Chemical treatment

A licensed technician such as pest control Sydney may only use currently registered pesticides approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the treatment of bed bugs. Depending on its use, they will apply a particular pesticide. Dust, for instance, penetrates cavities and cracks quite well where bed bugs live, but it wouldn’t be as helpful in a place where it may be spread by foot movement and vacuuming.

Bed bug treatment methods also include the use of pesticide sprays. Any potential locations with bed bug infestation are targeted using a treatment with a residual formulation. The application must be precise and direct to target areas, including mattresses, furniture cracks and crevices, and flooring. The tiny droplets from an improper space spray by a pest control professional may agitate bed bugs. The infestation may then spread to other locations due to them excreting warning pheromones. Pest control services in Sydney have experienced and knowledgeable experts who know how to carefully handle such infestations without spreading them further.


It may take some time to completely remove bed bugs from your house. Before you can ensure that the treatment you used or availed of by pest control services Sydney has worked, you need to ensure there is no bug activity on the property. For this, you must do routine checks of the infested areas once every week. To make it easy to spot surviving bed bugs, you can place bed bug interceptors under the bed. These devices can trap bugs before they reach your bed. It is also an excellent practice to get bi-yearly inspections by pest control services in Bondi Beach to detect any pests. Pest control experts take all the appropriate measures to stop them from spreading and make your house pest free.

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