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How can I Choose a perfect Bento Box?

The world of the lunchbox is vast in terms of material and style and can be a bit overwhelming to decide. If you do not choose an appropriate, high-quality lunch box, it will provide no convenience and spoil the whole packing of meals. What do you look for in the perfect lunch box? Simply answer these six questions, and you will know the ideal lunch box before covering our high-quality ziplock bags; once you decide, you can get all kinds of bento boxes from OEM Bento Box.

According to your eating pattern, select a lunch box.

Unlike the Japanese people who carry a cold bento because of their light eating, most prefer carrying a hot bento because of their salty and oily eating habits.

So, if you prefer to eat hot food, remember that Japanese koji and wooden lunch boxes can’t be heated, so choose a bento accordingly.

The way to heat the lunch box

If you like hot bento, the second question is how to heat it. School lunch boxes use centralized steam systems for steel steaming uniformly ~ Microwave ovens are used in workplaces for quick and convenient reheating of foods.

Remember, that stainless steel, aluminium, or enamel lunch boxes should not be microwaved.

Microwave radiation: Microwaves work by vibrating water, fats, and sugar molecules in food to make it hot, but that’s also why they can act unpredictably on metal, leading to sparks- and potentially even explosions.

Easy to carry lunch box

Carrying around a lunch box can become annoying and bulky, but using material could make it easier simply! CNCROWN lightweight chaff fibre and plastic lunch box, two colours, are available and easy to carry.

Glass and ceramic lunch containers can be used in the microwave, but they are heavy and breakable, too, making them difficult to bring on the go.

Choose your lunch box according to the way you cook it

People have unique eating habits, if one likes rich and savory the other might like lighter.

Silicone: If you prefer strong flavours, sauces or oily dishes, silicone is one material you should not put in your kitchen.

Silicone: Silicone holds more heat than we wanted, but you can still microwave and steam, and it’s light in hand; unfortunately, it does absorb some flavours.

The second is that if you ever pack, for example, sweet and sour pork ribs or tomato scrambled eggs – the silicone might taste like sweet and sour ribs or tomato eggs a long time after you’ve already tried all of them.

Can the lunch box be cleaned easily at a time?

The final question is, can you easily clean the lunch box anytime? At workplaces, communal sinks and dishwashing liquid are available to clean high-quality lunch boxes immediately after meals.

However, in schools, lunch breaks are often followed by classes, making immediate cleaning impractical; thus, lunch boxes must be taken home for washing later. If immediate cleaning isn’t convenient for you, silicone, as mentioned earlier, is also not suitable since it gradually absorbs food odours over time. It’s best to wait until you return home in the evening to clean it out.

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