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How Can I Become a Senior Developer?

Senior Developer

Many people who are seeking career growth in coding aim to become senior developers in no time. These days, there are also a lot of jobs with the “Senior” Developer title, but what does it mean?

There is a common misconception that to become an experienced software engineer, you need to have worked for many years, but what is most important is the experience, not the years.

So, how to become a senior developer, and what skills do you need?

Qualities of a Senior Developer?

The five main qualities of an expert in software development are Experience, Leadership, an understanding of the bigger picture, Mentorship, and Technical Ability.


Experience is often a combination of how long you spend on the job, the intensity of activities carried out on that job, as well as how many challenges you faced and were able to overcome. The more technical challenges you were able to deal with in your line of work, the more experience you gain.

While some people spend many years on a job before gaining considerable experience, other experts in the software industry are thrown into the field early and start doing a lot of work in a short time.


A senior developer is a senior team member, and it is necessary for them to have leadership qualities, whether or not he/she will have to lead a tech team at some point. This leadership quality helps to improve teamwork and achieve successful projects with fewer hitches.

Ability to see the bigger picture

A senior developer needs to understand how every part of a project, as well as every effort, comes together to accomplish a bigger goal for an organization or a client.

An experienced specialist is expected to bring together different talents and efforts together to ensure the success of every project. Then, he/she needs to communicate this idea to team members and give them direction so that they can work towards the goal and achieve it.


As a senior developer, it isn’t enough to handle your job alone and leave everyone to their fate, no matter how well you do your job. You will need to support your team members to carry out the tasks assigned to them successfully.

You will also boost the morale of junior staff members if you offer them mentorship and let them know that they are not alone. In many cases, the software field can be scary and challenging, but if you can guide junior team members rightly, they will become more confident and productive within the team.

Help out those who are struggling and commend those who are doing well within your team to achieve a positive team rapport.

Technical Ability

You need to have good technical skills to become a senior developer, and you don’t develop these skills overnight. It takes time, effort, and determination to become a tech guru. If you lack the technical know-how, your work might be poor, and you will be unable to deliver up to expectations.

Build technical skills and experience if you plan to become a senior developer worth his onions. If you lack any of these traits, work hard until you have what it takes to be in that position. You can achieve it if you put your mind to it.

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