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How Can Foreigners Establish A Business In South Korea?

How Can Foreigners Establish A Business In South Korea?

South Korea is known as one of the four Asian business tigers. The country is technologically advanced and has an abundance of expert employees. This is why many foreigners establish their businesses in South Korea for rapid growth. Also, the taxation rate on foreign investment in South Korea is lower. All these factors combined make South Korea the hub of many emerging or prolific businesses.

As a Foreign investor, you have to follow multiple South Korea company set up procedures to establish a business in the country. Also, you have to deal with taxation, accounting, payroll, and more. Let’s have a look at these points to understand what type of business you can establish and how you can do it.

What Type Of Business Can You Establish?

South Korea allows foreigners to establish multiple types of businesses. This includes joint stock or limited liability company, branch office, and liaison office. These are the most common business types that foreigners establish in South Korea.

In joint stock or limited liability companies, multiple business partners or sole owner of company are involved. All these partners or investors are responsible for the company’s debt equivalent to their investment.

Foreigners can establish a branch office in South Korea and run their business operations. This entity is separately taxed and can be used for revenue generation.

Foreigners establish liaison offices in South Korea to run their non-income generating activities. These activities generally include market research and dealing with business contacts.

Things Involved In Establishing Business In South Korea

No matter what type of business you are planning to establish, you have to follow similar South Korea company set up procedures. You have to notify the designated exchange bank, go through the court registry and tax offices, and more.

The list is indeed a long one. So what should you do to make sure the government approves your business establishment request? In this case, you can seek the help of business service providers. They can help you register your business in South Korea easily.

How Can Business Service Providers Help?

Company or business service providers can help you with various aspects of business establishment. Let’s have a look at these points to understand how they can help you.

Registry of The Business

As mentioned earlier, you have to go through various steps to register your business in South Korea. A reliable business services provider knows all dos and don’ts of the registry process. All you need to do is share required information with them, like the type of business, partnerships, and more.

Once you share all the information, they can begin with the registry process. They will prepare incorporation documents, notify the designated exchange bank and register your business with the court registry office. Also, register your business at the tax office to obtain a business registration certificate. At last, they will open a commercial bank account.

That’s how a business service provider can help you register your company in South Korea. After this, you can establish an office and proceed with other business processes.



Accounting and bookkeeping help you keep track of your company’s financial status. This financial data helps you make better business decisions. A business service provider can help you deal with accounting and bookkeeping compliance.

They will prepare financial statements that help manage cash flow. Also, these statements become very important when it comes to filing taxes. This is why keeping track of financial data throughout the year is necessary. Also, all this data will be shared with the headquarters of the company. It is important to identify the overall revenue generated by the company.


Once you establish a business in South Korea, you are liable for paying taxes. Business service providers can help you do your taxes so you can focus on the business’s core operations. They can prepare financial statements and tax returns. Also, they can plan for legal tax exemptions to reduce the tax burden.


Payroll is an important part of business, and you have to set up a management department for this. But with the help of a business service provider, you don’t need a separate department for this. They can help you with the calculation of severance pay, payroll taxes reports, administration of social security tax, and more.

All these processes will be handled by experts that have deep knowledge of payroll in South Korea. Also, they can help you reduce payroll taxes and help generate better profit margins.


Visas become important in the case various business acitvities. You might have to visit or stay in South Korea for business purposes. When you choose a reliable business services provider, they can help you get Visas. You can get business investment, intra-company transfer visa, etc., with their help. They make this possible with the help of their expertise and professional partners.

How To Choose The Right Business Service Provider?

A reliable and reputed business service provider can simplify all business establishment procedures. This is why it is crucial to choose the right business service provider. Keep these points in mind while choosing your business service provider in South Korea.

  • Make sure you choose a business service provider that can provide all services mentioned above. Only reputable and well-established business service providers are capable of doing this.
  • As you are going to establish a business in South Korea, make sure they are providing multilingual services. It can help you communicate with them easily.
  • Indeed, they should have comprehensive knowledge of company registration in Korea.


Establishing a business in South Korea can help you grow your business with better expertise. With the help of business service providers, you can easily establish your business in South Korea. They can help you with all aspects of business establishment.

If you are planning to register your business in South Korea, then connect with J&J Korea. Let the experts assist you with business registration, taxation, accounting, etc., so you don’t make any mistakes. This way, you can quickly begin working on the core process of your newly established business in South Korea.

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