How can fitness enthusiasts use blockchain to their advantage?


Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, at least so far. It is incredibly flexible, which also makes it extremely disruptive, which is already demonstrated by infiltrating countless industries and showing how they can be changed and improved.

Even industries that, at first glance, do not seem to have any immediate way of benefitting from the blockchain can, in fact, be improved with it. One example of this is fitness, which has seen a noticeable rise over the past decade. In fact, according to IHRSA, the health and fitness industry has gone up by 4% in the US alone during this time, as adults continue to develop an interest in fitness club memberships.

One reason for this might be increased awareness of how beneficial a healthy lifestyle can be, while it is also possible that the growth of health insurance costs might be another drive. Alongside the interest in fitness, researchers have also noticed an increased interest in organic and natural food products. But, while the growth is certainly encouraging, there is more that can be done to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle, particularly these days.

Researchers had already noticed that a lot of people are developing interest in online services tied to the fitness industry, even before COVID-19 had hit. Since the coronavirus outbreak, however, this interest grew significantly, as people were confined to their homes, and that’s where blockchain comes in.

How does blockchain help?

One example of how blockchain technology can assist here is that it can offer rewards for fitness enthusiasts, thus providing them with further and more immediate incentives. While a long, healthy life is desirable, people have gotten used to expecting a reward here and now, and there are projects that can make it happen. But, more than that, blockchain can help connect people with fitness experts, as well as with other fitness enthusiasts.

This allows users to receive useful tips and advice, live virtual fitness classes, and more. A project called 360Wellness offers all that, in addition to a revolutionary product that is the world’s first lifestyle tracker.

Essentially, the project’s philosophy is that a lot of people make a mistake in spending their health while gaining wealth, only to spend that wealth in regaining the health they lost. It all comes as a never-ending cycle that 360Wellness wishes to break through the use of its blockchain and its DEFIT coin.

What does 360Wellness offer?

360Wellness is a decentralized fitness and wellness marketplace that connects professionals with fitness enthusiasts from all over the world, allowing them to stay fit and continue their workouts uninterrupted while never having to leave the house for it. It offers a suite of mobile and web solutions that will also allow professionals to grow their online revenue and build their brand.

The project is still young, but it has already attracted the attention of a lot of users, as well as professionals. It partnered with several major brands, and it aims to enlist a lot more instructors interested in earning money through this emerging technology.

Meanwhile, its wellness habit tracker allows users to keep track of how well they train, feel, eat, and sleep. It also delivers a daily update to them with a unique WLNS score, with personal insights and recommendations. It also offers referral rewards, achievement rewards, and a number of popular, user-friendly features. Coaches and investors can benefit as well, with investors being able to engage in staking but also benefiting from token burns and buybacks.

As for coaches, they get a percentage after they set up their accounts, they benefit from added visibility, and they can prove their worth through ranking. It is all very thoroughly thought out, which is why the project is advancing at a great speed, and it certainly should be considered by all those interested in improving their lifestyle or reaching new clients in these challenging times.

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