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How can Adobe Commerce boost your eCommerce performance?

Adobe Commerce

At the core of every successful online retail enterprise is an eCommerce platform. The platform should unite all front-end and back-end operations, as well as provide resources and tools to manage every aspect of an eCommerce offering.

Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento, has long been a popular choice as a comprehensive eCommerce platform solution. In this article we will explore why Adobe Commerce should be a strong contender for your eCommerce business and how it may help to boost your performance.

Responsive Web Design

The primary feature of any effective eCommerce strategy is the website. This is usually the first touchpoint for a prospective customer and thus needs to make a strong impression. Adobe Commerce is an effective web builder that can provide attractive and responsive web design. Responsive design themes allow for easy mobile optimisation, potentially boosting conversion rates across different devices. Furthermore, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) can offer a more advanced and flexible shopping experience.

Seamless Customer Experience

Adobe Commerce gives you the potential for a seamless omnichannel customer experience. Highly customisable front-end assets and the ability to introduce a variety of third-party integrations means that the customer journey can be optimised at every stage. The platform helps to create personalised shopping experiences with dynamic segmentation and personalisation.

Adobe Commerce also offers valuable functionality to meet ever-changing customer needs and expectations, such as Click and Collect options and real time inventories. Lewis Sellers, MD at Pinpoint Designs, shared his thoughts on omnichannel customer experiences:

“Many retailers fall short of delivering a true omnichannel experience. This is often due to merchants not fully getting to grips with the wants and needs of their customers at different stages of their shopping journey.

To plug the gaps in this customer experience, an omnichannel system is needed. An effective omnichannel system pulls data from different touchpoints into one area for analysis and management. However, as your business grows, you need a platform that can scale with the complexities.

Fortunately, Adobe Commerce offers the functionality to meet your customers’ growing expectations while making your life that bit easier too.”


Adobe Commerce supports a number of third-party integrations, from payment gateways such as Klarna and Klevu, to customer review and one-step checkout systems. Integrations are key to providing a slick onsite customer experience and many shoppers are likely to expect these as standard. Failure to provide appropriate third-party integrations may massively impact your conversion rate.


Many eCommerce businesses outgrow their current platform and are forced to switch in order to accommodate growth. With Adobe Commerce, scaling can be achieved without sacrificing security, website performance or the customer experience. Lewis Sellers commented on the issue of scalability:

“We always advise our clients to consider the functionalities they may need further down the line.  A question we often ask merchants who are unsure which platform to go with is, “What do you want your business to do online over the next five years?”.

It’s advisable to choose an eCommerce platform that can not only support your business needs today, but also further down the road. How do you see your business progressing? What aspirations do you have for your online store? Are you planning on changing ERP systems? Will there be any other major changes such as internationalisation?”

Business Intelligence

Adobe Commerce offers a comprehensive business management solution, with the ability to measure, display and report KPIs. Unlimited dashboards will allow for invaluable and customisable insights into your eCommerce performance, giving you the opportunity to strive towards your main objectives.

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