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How can a marketplace similar to TaskRabbit or Thumbtack be created?

A service marketplace is an e-commerce site where the services are provided by third parties. For all intents and purposes, the service marketplace is a simple and convenient portal of multichannel e-commerce to effectively streamline the production process. There are high expectations to resolve everyone’s needs in the most possible, efficient, and timely way. This service has created a distinct change in various businesses. Service marketplace websites are quick and productive, where one can save a lot of time. To implement these, an effective service needs to be developed which reduces the gap between the consumers and the service providers. TaskRabbit and Thumbtack are such service marketplace websites.


Thumbtack is an excellent service marketplace website that has helped many people to hire professionals, locally in a very smart way. Thumbtack is based in San Francisco, California. This is an online service that matches local professionals with customers. Several types of services such as home, wellness, events, and lessons are being listed by Thumbtack.

It is a very big step in the evolution of service business that was limited to bulletin boards, online directories, and phone books. Revenue for Thumbtack is gained by charging the professionals when they buy the credits and they term it as a pay-per-quote system. Credits vary from one professional to another and also depend from one job to another. The revenues for Thumbtack come in different package deals. Users and professionals use these credits to quote for the job requested by the consumers.

Thumbtack clone script

To start a service marketplace like Thumbtack, you are required to purchase an effective Thumbtack clone script.

Users can display ads on their websites and get revenue from them. This is because the Thumbtack clone script allows the admin to avail all the benefits of the several ad options and create income from the displayed ads.

By setting up a different commission for different categories of Thumbtack clones, the administrator has a malleable option to fix atypical commissions for the classification of services. They can run this option and fix a superior percentage for the best categories, by direct and indirect modes.

Purchase that Thumbtack clone which has all the following features:

  • SEO-Friendly Design: Thumbtack clone script comes loaded with SEO-friendly designs and marketing modules, saving you lots of money, you would otherwise have to spend with other ready-made cheap marketplace scripts.
  • Customization: The user can customize it in your way & Thumbtack clone software scripts are customizable. The service marketplace can get in touch with your custom development requirement, be it an addition of a new design, new features, or alteration requirement.
  • Service Management: Service marketplace website software, offers easy management of a wide range of services and categories through the admin dashboard.


It is yet another popular marketplace that’s successful in connecting various consumers to outsource small chores and jobs with skilled and pre-approved individuals. They can list the tasks in a time frame with the help of TaskRabbit. Revenue from service marketplace websites like TaskRabbit and TaskRabbit clone mainly come from taking part in every transaction happening over the marketplace for the tasks that are completed which they call the service fee.

TaskRabbit Clone Script

If you are looking to start a site like TaskRabbit, you are required to purchase a TaskRabbit clone.

Professionals make use of all the extraordinary facilities listed in the Taskrabbit clone script for the successful running of their service marketplace. Taskrabbit clone script should have all the following features:

  • Advanced search options: TaskRabbit clone helps you find the local services in an advanced manner such as mapping and service listing categories.
  • Listing based on Geo location: TaskRabbit clone script finds out the service provider in the nearby provider and allows to list of the local service along with a location.
  • Managing Quotes: Effectively manages and maintains the quotes, listed services, and details.

Its Features:

  • Ratings and Reviews: Reviews and Ratings will help you in maintaining fair business practices between the seller as well as the buyer of services. By this, you can easily ban or spot unwanted business participants.
  • Publishing tools: A vital publishing tool Dynamic CMS used by Gentack helps to easily manage the vast amount of content on your service platform.
  • Web Architecture: Irrespective of the user base, service provider’s base, media files uploaded, and the number of jobs posted – the software is developed to have the best performance.
  • Social Login: Their Social Login feature will allow the customers to log in to their accounts through their existing social media profiles.
  • Payment Gateways: The latest and simplest way to accept payments across the globe is Braintree used by Gentack. The users of the platform can also choose to pay by Cash directly.
  • Switch Online or Offline: Service providers can update their availability with this unique feature for the jobs based on which they will receive job notifications and requests.
  • Push notifications: Messages that come from a website or app on the desktop device even when the website or app is not visited are called push notifications. These will keep your customers more engaged which helps you do more business and profit.
  • User dashboard: Gentack has a customized separate user dashboard for users and service providers.
  • Report Abuse feature: You will now be able to report if you collect abusive requests from your customers and find out unwanted content/activity on your platform just like Facebook or Upwork.

Ways to Build Your Brand using Gentack:

With Gentack you can position your own unique brand using its White Label feature. With this feature, users don’t have to deal with any legal issues or complications or any other hidden subscription charges, or any other rules and regulations. Gentack’s web has the option to install mobile Apps for free and that makes your life easier as we have our tech experts in place to handle the installation for you.

The long and short of Gentack:

Gentack helps you build service marketplaces such as TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. Gentack is affordable and rich in features. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop me a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights into the service marketplace. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of trends in eCommerce. My best wishes are with you and your service marketplace venture. Cheers!

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