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How Can a Global Recruitment Strategy Benefit Businesses?

Global Recruitment Strategy

There’s no denying that the face of the modern workforce has changed over the last few years, with factors like technological advancements and Covid 19 having an impact on both the employee and employer sides of all industries. As unemployment levels are low, competition for roles is high and connectivity is bringing a host of fresh candidates to talent pools across the world, it may be time for businesses to think about implementing a global recruitment strategy.

How can a global recruitment strategy benefit businesses?

There are two driving forces facilitating the need for a newer approach to recruitment and these are the internet and modern logistics. It is now easier than ever for businesses to move goods between countries, but also for those on the front line to communicate with team members, manufactures and even consumers in other countries.

While not all businesses will need to implement global expansion across the board, hiring foreign workers with unique skill sets via an employer of record like will certainly give them an edge over the competition. This can be especially true when considering industry growth and improving overall function. With this in mind, a well-defined global recruitment strategy can have a host of benefits, with the top 2 being:

A deeper global understanding

When a business begins to focus on employee diversity, it will be better equipped to cater to consumers in global markets. With a different, yet more tailored approach to the wants and needs of foreign clientele, many companies will find that a broadened workforce will be able to better bridge the gap and help them to both expand and remain competitive in their respective niche.

Create a more recognisable brand

This goes hand-in-hand with the point above – as the increase in employee/consumer global relationships will help companies to better establish their brand and create more targeted marketing campaigns that will improve brand recognition and trust. Some of the top benefits of global reach are that businesses will be able to make better products, hire better staff, increase their customer engagement and more with little effort and outlay.

How’s best to begin a global recruitment strategy?

The most attractive way to get a winning global recruitment strategy in place is to partner with an employer of record. This is a third-party team of specialists who will undertake a host of tasks and responsibilities regarding hiring both locally and abroad, while understanding international markets and legal regulations to ensure businesses remain compliant during both onboarding and throughout employment contracts. This can be a more affordable option than the alternative, which is setting up a local entity, not to mention faster and less complicated. You can learn more about Hire Velocity by visiting their website to see how they can help your business reach its global recruitment goals. Hiring a team of professionals is always the best way to prepare for growth, expansion, and any other change, especially when it comes to talent acquisition.

The good news is that the employer of record will be the legal representative of employment protocol and as a result, will be the ones liable if any employment or payroll issues arise – all while the business retains control.

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