How Can A Devops Team Take Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The technological world is focused on maintaining two things. The number of tech inventions being launched in the market and the quality guaranteed procedures through which these inventions are developed and made available to the general public for usage. 

Each and every technological invention goes under various procedures of planning, designing, creation, quality assurance, testing, and modification. In this article, we will focus on two important factors of the tech universe. One of them is the mixture of two procedures used by professionals to manage and develop different technologies known as DevOps. And the other is a widely used technological advancement called Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will review both of these topics in detail and end the article by analyzing the advantages a DevOps team can acquire from AI. 

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is the product of mixing two terms. These terms are development (dev) and operations (op). There is no doubt in the fact that both of these departments are necessary to be present in any industry or company as the professionals working in these departments play a huge role in the management as well as the creation of different software programs and other related products.

Instead of keeping these departments separate, experts thought of combining them both in order to boost efficiency, speed, and security. Software development and operations teams are helped by DevOps practices to provide deliverables of higher quality in no time. They accomplish this through the process of automation, cooperation, prompt feedback, and improving iterations.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the top most utilized advancements of technology nowadays. With continuous and rapid launches of different inventions, AI has successfully entered multiple industries as well as our daily lives. By definition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as a computerized program that is trained to think and act like a human brain. In simple words, AI enables computers to carry out tasks that a human being would easily do. 

Nowadays, tasks like decision-making, logical thinking, problem-solving, image recognition, face recognition, and many other tasks are easily carried out with the help of AI algorithms. It is essential to remember that AArtificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that constitutes different types based on capabilities and functionalities. It also includes different branches, each developed for a different function like

  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Neural Networks.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Chatbots.
  • Fuzzy Logic.
  • Cognitive Computing.
  • Data Mining, etc. 

How Can A Devops Team Take Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Coming back, a question that is most frequently asked by people is how are DevOps teams in different companies and industries taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence technology and making the most out of the AI systems. In this section of the article, we will answer this question by providing some of the easy through which AI is facilitating the DevOps teams. 

  • Improves Security
  • Improves The Grwoth Of Software Program
  • Accessibility Of Data
  • Assured Software Testing
  • Alarming Update Alerts
  • Effivteness
  • Improved Customer Services 
  • Data-Driven Decisions

Improves Security

The technology of Artificial Intelligence is known for its benefits of improving security systems and dealing with security threats. When used by DevOps teams, AI helps to identify, resolve, and manage security threats. DevSecOps, for instance, may use AI to improve overall security and develop a centralized logging system to spot any risks.

Improves The Growth Of Software Program

In order to make continuous planning, integration, testing, deployment, and tracking more effective, DevOps can take the help of AI technology by assisting it in carrying out important tasks. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can easily identify inefficiencies in the systems and fix them using creative solutions that the AI offers. This might help the DevOps team increase the rate at which software is developed and managed, decreasing the time taken.

Accessibility Of Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known to provide top-quality solutions for data analysis. Since DevOps teams are mostly dealing with multiple sources of data, it gets difficult for them to manage the data, which causes issues as well. With the help of AI algorithms, DevOps teams can easily record, organize, manage, and analyze large sets of data with ease and add the facility of data-driven decision-making. 

Assured Software Testing

Software development means software testing. Each software, when developed, has to go through the phase of multiple testing trials and different types of testing to assure smooth working. With the help of AI systems, software testing has become easier as the technology provides automated testing and also helps in detecting errors as well as their solutions.  

Alarming Update Alerts

When dealing with software development and creation, DevOps teams can face a list of alarming alerts that they might have to attend to on an urgent basis. The teams are, however, unable to sort these alerts on a priority basis. With the help of AI, DevOps teams can easily deal with alerts that are sorted out through priority tags using alert sources, alert intensity, or past behaviors. 

Improved Customer Services

Last but not least, DevOps teams can easily help businesses to improve their customer services by introducing AI-driven chatbots. These bots are known to imitate human-touch discussions using different AI algorithms. They do not require any sort of human assistance and are able to handle queries and questions of customers in no time by using the data sets installed in them. This, in return, helps in maximized customer engagement and a positive customer experience. 

Companies Where DevOps Team Is Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Below mentioned are four companies whose DevOps teams are utilizing the advantages of AI technology. 

Unity Technologies

Unity is known as the biggest platform for providing top-quality Unity game development services. The department of Unity DevOps is known to incorporate the technology of AI in order to facilitate the process of creating amazing and functional 3D or 2D games.


Google is known to integrate AI into its CI/CD pipelines. The company uses AI algorithms through its Cloud Build platform to carry out a variety of functions and smoothly conduct pipeline operations. 

Epic Games

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is another gaming platform that provides fantabulous Unreal game development services to clients. With the help of Azure DevOps, this gaming engine is known to facilitate the process of controlling gaming operations and creation.


In order to assure a smooth experience, Netflix, a popular entertainment platform, mainly depends on DevOps techniques. Netflix has incorporated AI to provide consumers with the best service and experience possible. Netflix uses AI to tailor user suggestions by utilizing user data and choice of preference.


It is pretty evident that, be it businesses, industries, companies, or game design vs game development, the DevOps department of each domain is now focused on utilizing AI technology in their procedures. Companies that provide app development services in these areas are also focused on taking advantage of AI in their DevOps teams. 


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