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How can a bankruptcy lawyer help you in your most challenging financial time?


The search for the right lawyer for insolvency law is not easy, because there is hardly any information. A lawyer specializing in insolvency law will provide you with specialist and professional support in your concerns. Your lawyer will first determine the facts together with you in the first appointment. Your lawyer will then carefully examine your case and answer your questions in an initial consultation. This may have already solved the problem.

If not, your solicitor will discuss with you the further steps required. Your lawyer will ensure that important deadlines and formalities are observed to protect your rights. Before a lawsuit is filed, your lawyer will also examine and discuss with you the chances of success in court action.

When should I consult a bankruptcy attorney?

Do you live in Spokane, Washington and have a legal problem in insolvency law? In that case, it is always advisable to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer. It is the only way to be sure on the one hand how to proceed further and on the other hand to avoid your own disadvantages.

Lawyers who are primarily active in insolvency law are familiar with the legal situation itself and in particular with the current case law of the courts. They are also very familiar with the other customs of communication with the other party and in court.

Do you want to learn how a Spokane bankruptcy attorney can help?

Free initial consultation

Contact the experts with your debt situation. Tell them about your financial situation. It is an important psychological relief. The initial consultation takes place by telephone, video consultation or as part of a personal appointment on our premises. They will do a debt analysis for you and then advise you on the best course of action.

Identification of all creditors

As soon as you have decided to make use of the support, they start with the thorough preparation. First, they will conduct queries with the largest credit agencies.

Contacting the creditors

In order to anticipate enforcement, all of your creditors will be contacted by them and informed of the upcoming personal bankruptcy. The creditors find out about your current situation, which usually means that they refrain from further contact, legal proceedings or enforcement. They inform the creditors that a law firm has taken over your debt relief. Thus, the creditors know that you are not playing for time.

Determination of the current level of debt

A correct and complete list of creditors with the current amount of debt is a prerequisite for safely obtaining the discharge of residual debt. Since the documents are not always up-to-date, they carry out debt status inquiries with all creditors. Based on their inquiries, the creditors inform them of all current claims as well as assignments, possible willingness to waive, changes of representatives or changes of creditors.

Preparation of your application for personal bankruptcy

Experience has shown that further questions arise after the personal insolvency application has been prepared. Therefore, they carry out a final consultation, in which they explain the further procedure and answer questions. Based on all the data they have received; they will now create your application for personal bankruptcy. Of course, they take care of the processing of any legal complaints.

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