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How Bookshelf Designs Impact Your Reading Habit


Reading is an important activity that everyone should do. It helps to develop your knowledge and also instill wisdom. Whether you are a student or not, reading should be inculcated in your everyday life. One of the ways to mould a reading habit is by having bookshelves at home. They influence this activity as they make books more organised and accessible and also add aesthetics to the reading space. Want to know more about how bookshelves impact your reading habits? Read below. If you want to buy bookshelves online, browse Wakefit to check out their collection.

Effect Of Bookshelves Design On Reading Habits

Explore New Genres

A modern bookshelf that is well-designed makes organising books easy and also makes them accessible. This especially attracts younger readers, as they are more likely to read a book if they can find it effortlessly. If a reader is searching for a specific book, if it is not discovered quickly, the urge to read is gone. On the other hand, using a bookshelf, if the books are thoughtfully categorised by topic, author, or genre, they can locate their topic of interest quickly and enhance the reading experience. If there are many intriguing titles and eye-catching covers, young readers are more likely to try new genres that they would otherwise not have explored. But to get the best benefits of a bookshelf, choose one where organising books is easy and so is accessibility.

Bookshelves Influence Information Retention

Having a well-organized bookshelf makes it easy to locate the book you want to read. When that happens, it makes reading a more enjoyable experience and you tend to retain information as the energy and focus are on reading the content. On the other hand, a cluttered bookcase makes it hard to find the book you want to read and more often than not, you end up not reading it as often. When you struggle to find the book of your choice, even after you find that book so much energy is lost in the search that information retention becomes difficult. So it is essential to have a bookshelf with a good layout, as it can impact the retention of the books you read.

Affects the Ability to get Books they Need

A bookshelf design should not only be attractive but it should also be useful so that the books can be discovered easily. While buying a bookshelf, you should think of the material it is made of, the size and shape, and how well the books can be organised. The style and size of the shelf impact its accessibility and the number of books it can store. An open bookshelf can have more books; however, if they are tall, then the top level is not easily accessible. If you have a small space, then you can make efficient use of it by using corner bookshelves.

Visual Appeal

An aesthetically beautiful bookshelf enhances the visual appeal of the reading space. This can motivate the reader to spend time exploring books and finding something that makes reading enjoyable. A standard bookshelf can store books but the design impacts the overall aesthetics of the space. The surroundings influence the readiness to read, so having a beautifully designed solid wood bookshelf that is proportional to the dimension of the room adds to the beauty. If it is too small or too big, there is no symmetry or balance in the room, which hurts your reading.

The material used to make the bookshelf is also an important consideration; it impacts functionality as well as appearance. An engineered wood bookshelf looks more contemporary, whereas a Sheesham wood bookshelf gives off an aura of warmth and is durable. If you want more storage options, opt for bookshelves with drawers, as you can keep other things as well as books in an organised manner.

Space Utilisation

A well-designed bookshelf can make optimal use of the space available. It also allows you to store books in an organised manner and prevents clutter, which makes it easy to have a neat reading space. When there is a neat reading nook, you are motivated to read a book more than ever. Another important aspect is to have a proper shelving system. That not only helps in accommodating books of various sizes but also helps to make the most of the space. You can check out options like a ladder bookshelf, as it is a space-saving and visually interesting place to store your favourite collections. Having floating shelves on the walls is also another option, as it saves floor space and adds a visually appealing element to the space.

Bookshelf Design Influences Dust Accumulation

The best bookshelf design helps keep books dust-free and clean. Dust is likely to accumulate if the shelves are slanted. Adequate space has to be given between each shelf so that there is more air circulation and also to prevent mould. Opt for a bookshelf that is easy to maintain and has a sleek design so that dusting is more of a simple wipe using a cloth.

Bookshelf Styling Tips To Enhance Reading Experience

  • Give it the right place: People tend to place a bookshelf in an unseen corner of a room. But with aesthetically pleasing designs, you should keep it in a prominent place so that it gets the attention it deserves.
  • Do not overwhelm it: Like artwork and other decor, books also need breathing space so do not overwhelm it by overcrowding the bookcase. You should display them in such a way that they appear pleasing and inspire people to go and check out the collection.
  • Opt for a neutral colour: Book covers are colourful and come in many designs so it makes sense to have bookshelves in neutral colours. It can be brown, beige, white, or any other subdued hue. This ensures that the books don’t get mixed up in colour.
  • Visual harmony: Books come in many sizes and so do the shelves. There are different shapes and sizes of book racks to choose from based on the kind of books you have. If not, it looks unbalanced, and there is a lack of harmony. Smartly place books and mix them with trinkets, photo frames, small planters, etc.

Bookshelf designs are essential to consider when it comes to reading. Studies have shown that there is a great influence on reading habits as well as information retention. So if you too want to have reading habits, invest in a good bookshelf online now!


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