How Blockchain Is Enabling Playing While Earning Concept In Binemon

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have taken digital assets to a new level. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Soon, the virtual game, Binemon, will allow participants to buy or exchange in-game items using NFT or Non-Fungible Token.

NFT is an emerging concept in gaming. If it becomes popular, cryptocoins will be also used for in-game exchanges. Digital fintech projects like My Defi Pet and Axie are spearheading this revolutionary concept.

The ‘Play to earn’ concept will help the participants not only move to an advanced level during the game but also earn crypto rewards based on their performances. Gamers who want to earn some cryptocoin rewards during the current state of lockdown are encouraged to play Binemon.

You may not find too many blockchain-powered games with crypto rewards online. So Binemon with the NFT system is attracting more and more participants to enjoy this game.

What Makes Binemon Different?

Binemon is a virtual game with an NFT system. It has some similarities with RPG games, but not fully. Binemon focuses more on collecting eggs, and other items using non-fungible tokens.

Each participant fights in PVE and PVP modes to elevate their performances. They also receive outstanding cryptocurrency rewards as and when they move forward in the game.

The RPG games like Lost Centuria and Idle Heroes became an instant hit among fans. Even Binemon is also getting unprecedented popularity among the youth and crypto enthusiasts.

The RPG gaming genre became quite popular these days. But gamers played those games for fun and entertainment purposes only. Now the scenario has changed. NFT blend with crypto rewards made the games like Binemon a hot game among the youth.

Game developers feel it takes at least a year to develop such games. And they feel elated when participants appreciate their effort and creativity by posting positive reviews about Binemon (using 3D graphics) online.

The Blend Of Blockchain And NFT

In blockchain-powered games, luck and ownership also plays a key role. These games also include a tough battle and intense contest among the gamers. Participants have to strategize their moves properly in order to make the game more attractive and interesting.

Features of Binemon

  • Binemon utilizes DRK Chain, which offers the transaction speed up to 5000 TPS.
  • The platform makes use of Smart Contract and DaRK security protocol.
  • It comes with a low market cap with enhanced services.

Much of the information about Binemon was released on the company’s official Twitter profile. The game consists of 10 stages of game development. However, each stage will have separate elements, features and a storyline.

Another new storyline, Binemon—Prometheus, will be launched later this month. Each participant will buy eggs to hatch Binemons and fuse various species to create even stronger Binemons.

Once you understand the game’s storyline, you can play the game better. The protagonist in the story buys certain items using NFT or crypto rewards to explore special features of the game.

The concept of NFT will be introduced to players during phase 1 of the game. In phase 2, players have to fiercely fight with other characters to march ahead and gain crypto rewards.

In Conclusion

Binemon is not a rare type of game that you haven’t heard of. In fact, many games like Binemon are available online. But the combo of NFT and crypto rewards makes this game more adventurous.

You can even earn cryptocoins by playing Binemon. Each participant will get several opportunities to earn cryptocoins at each stage of the game. Hopefully, fans and crypto enthusiasts will certainly love this one-of-a-kind NFT-based game.




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