How Blockchain is Disrupting the Travel Industry with Cool Cousin.

It goes without saying that blockchain technology is the best thing to happen to man since internet. It is revolutionizing every sphere of human endeavor, from finance to retail to travel. Especially travel. Cool Cousin’s super innovation introduces blockchain to the process of finding travel information. Millenials who have proved continuously different in their approach to life, again get their easy way. This time in the travel industry.

What really is Blockchain? This super smart innovation has been termed “an incorruptible digital ledger”. It allows several people simultaneously access the information and values contained in it and this values are continually reconciled across the network. The best part is having no central location that any hacker or mischief maker can take advantage of. Another major plus for Blockchain technology is the transparency involved, it is public. It cannot be corrupted or manipulated. All of these features are what Cool Cousin have incorporated into their new peer to peer system.

Are you still asking how Blockchain is disrupting the travel industry?

Reducing Costs

In most businesses, the middlemen hike the cost of transactions. Cool Cousin’s blockchain technology introduces affordability by cutting out the need for middle men. As a result of less overhead on the part of the company, fees on transactions can now reduce drastically and people get to pay much less than they ordinarily have to.


Blockchain brings a lot of ease to management of huge blocks of data. The community’s growth becomes almost unhindered. There are no longer worries about data management because of the extent of Blockchain’s data tracking and management mechanism. Also, a self-managing community powered by Blockchain boosts the capabilities of Cool Cousin’s platform. Local Experts (Cousins) from every corner of the world can now be accessed and an almost unlimited number of tourists and travellers can access information on the go.


The travel industry is obviously crowded, considering the involvement of many players- governments, airlines, travel agencies, tourist companies, and several others. Yet, authentic information and guides for travelers still remain a problem. People find it more difficult to access trustworthy information. Cool Cousin’s peer to peer Blockchain powered system makes sure that travelers can access trusted information from compatible locals on the platform.


In this time and age where information comes with a marketing edge, one does not know what information is tainted with the giver’s need to sell. Cool Cousin’s adoption of Blockchain technology means that the community of Cousins and users on the platform are free from corporate decisions of the company that tend to put marketing and sales above serving relevant information.


CUZ is Cool Cousin’s Cryptographic token launched to create a system of incentives for locals on the platform who provide relevant information. Income generated from the Initial Coin Offering of this Crypto token will be used to ensure a more robust platform.

Cool Cousin’s new online travel agency is set to disrupt the travel industry in a huge way.

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