How Bexplus Apps Make Trading Crypto Futures Easier

Bexplus Apps

Due to the ongoing lockdown, many of us get to stay home more often. While this is a good opportunity for us to relax, we can’t go to work and have to rely on our savings, which is frustrating and worrisome. 

If you have been wanting to find a way to make money during lockdowns or in your spare time, online trading on your phone may be a great option for you. Crypto exchanges make trading more accessible to small investors with little experience or low budgets. This is especially true for futures trading, in which investors could borrow leverage from exchanges to increase their buy power. 

If you are interested in futures trading in the crypto market but aren’t familiar with the markets, you can learn a great deal about how to get started here. Simply put, futures trading enables you to profit from the ups and downs of the market, so any price swing could be an opportunity to profit. 

To get started trading, you only need to create an account on an exchange and now with easy-to-use phone apps like Bexplus‘, you can set up your account in minutes from nearly anywhere. Bexplus is a cryptocurrency trading platform providing 100x leverage on BTC, ETH, LOS, XRP and EOS. No KYC and no deposit fee, Bexplus offers services in 37 countries including the USA, Iran, Korea, and Sudan. 

According to App Annie, the largest mobile marketing app analytics and app market database in the world, as of May 2020 Bexplus’s apps have been ranked in the Top 5 of keyword search results related to bitcoin trading in 56 countries.

Let’s take a look at the Bexplus app to see what advantages it offers.

On the home menu tab, besides market indexes (there are bitcoin, litecoin, and ether prices on the main display), we see constantly updating recent trades lists (which might show you the market sentiment and to open the correct position).

Also, Bexplus is famous for its detailed beginner’s guide and demo account, which enables you to practice as much as you like. 

The market tab offers 5 types of indicators which are available for the main chart and 11 for sub chart. Among the indicators are a bullish-bearish indicator, Bollinger bands, moving average convergence divergence, stochastic oscillator, and many more. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, Bexplus accumulates all the options needed for daily trading.

The market menu tab allows you to open long (buy/up) and short (sell/down) positions: before placing an order you’ll be asked to choose the position volume. Keep in mind that volume doesn’t refer to position amount, it’s rather a proportion of position size to your account balance, thus, 0.1 volume doesn’t suppose that you’re about to open a 0.1 BTC position, it will be just 0.001 BTC in size.

The trade tab is basically an order management menu, where traders can browse currently opened market orders, limit orders, and trading history.

The indexes for each trade include floating profit and loss, the free margin available, currently used margin, margin level, and your balance account as for now with opened positions (net worth).

Bexplus also offers standard risk prevention instruments such as stop-loss, which is available by pressing on the specific order tab in the trades list.

Though looking quite simple, the Bexplus app is as full-featured as its desktop counterpart. Besides trading, you can store your bitcoin in the interest-bearing wallet, in which you can gain up to 21% annualized interest.  

Bitcoin trades around the clock and huge price swings could occur any minute. If you hope to monitor your account anytime and anywhere, the Bexplus app is the right tool for you. With the 24/7 notification, you can stay updated with the market.  All data and assets can be accessed through all kinds of devices including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The application is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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