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How Augie Johnston Is Making It Easier On YouTubers with Vidchops


A former professional basketball player in Europe turned serial entrepreneur, Augie Johnston is the quintessential example of perseverance commanding success. A basketball enthusiast since the early days of his adolescence, Augie built an entire online empire based solely on his love for the sport. In addition to that, Augie also maintains a strong influence thanks to his highly popular YouTube channel: Baller Boot Camp. Indeed, it was through his experiences of uploading content to the popular video sharing network which ultimately led him to create Vidchops. Currently, Augie’s business ventures are flourishing and he has big plans on expanding and broadening his digital empire to other relevant fields.

However, life was not always easy for Augie. Circa 2009, Augie had been playing in college at  NCAA division 2 division school Cal St. Monterey Bay. His senior year he also managed to bag the second best 3 point percentage in the whole nation; however, despite the glaringly evident talent, Augie was compelled to look for opportunities to continue his playing career. He moved to Germany to play where he was getting paid just enough to survive and was struggling to make ends meet living off a meagre paycheck. Thus, he decided it was time that he took matters in his own hand.

Augie looked up different ways to earn money online before finally coming across a seven dollar PDF which taught him the inner workings of YouTube SEO and monetizing YouTube traffic through CPA Lead Generation. Through this, he earned his first thousand dollars or so, and even though the work was rewarding, it still did not satisfy Augie’s relentless pursuit for attaining financial freedom. Augie wanted to do something along the line of Basketball, and hence the idea of Baller Boot Camp was born. He launched his channel in 2012, and 300 videos and 20 million views later, Augie had managed to grow it to almost 200,000 subscribers. Furthermore, Augie was also successful in creating an entire background business based off his YouTube channel which sold over 6 figures worth of digital and physical products. It was beginning to seem as if Augie’s luck had changed for the good.

However, the whole business of juggling his professional sports career with his YouTube hustle was proving to be quite exhausting. Because he spent so much time on editing, it would also affect the actual quality and value of his content. In order to overcome this, Augie dabbled in outsourcing his work and hired freelancers; however, this did not exactly go according to plan for Augie. The quality of the work that he received was, sub-par and, more often times than not, he often found himself chasing after individuals to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Thus, It came as no surprise when Augie frequently found himself to be overworked, and then, inevitably, burnt himself out. It was at this very moment that he had the idea for Vidchops. If only there was a reliable outsourcing alternative to flaky freelancers for creators like Augie, things would be so much simpler. Augie saw an opportunity to cash in on this gap. Vidchops came into being shortly after that, and has gone on to become one of the most successful editing services for content creators and online personalities worldwide

So, what is Vidchops? To put it simply, Vidchops was created to assist and help YouTubers and content producers in general with the editing bit of their creative process. This would allow them to focus more on making and producing quality content rather than hassling over the final tedious bit. For a nominal amount, Vidchops would guarantee them a high-quality end product which would look super-professional and drive traffic. Due to its impeccable service, Vidchops has satisfied more than a 100 customers and completed a staggering 3300 projects. The popular editing service charges a flat-rate subscription which includes a single, weekly, and monthly plan to cater to your editing needs. In addition to being fairly economical, it also guarantees a turnaround time of 48 hours, meaning that you won’t have to stress about timely uploads and chasing after some random freelancer. The subscription plans also include stock videos and royalty free audio which makes your content standout from the rest.  The other great features of the service include incredible professionalism and speedy customer service which means that all of your queries are answered in due time. Moreover, Vidchops hires some of the best video editors around so you do not have to worry about the quality of the final edit. All you would have to do is upload the file in the Vidchops DropBox and receive the final quality edit in an mp4 file after 48 hours. Because of the incredible quality of the edits, Vidchops has even worked with widely famous YouTubers such as Laura Lee, arguably one of the most influential make-up artists of this era.

Augie Johnston has well and truly changed the video editing game with Vidchops, and the major effects of this disruption are yet to be seen. So, if you are video creator, just like Augie once was, head over to Vidchops right now and save yourself the eternal hassle of editing your own videos.

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