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How Ariva is revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry

travel and tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry is a billion-dollar industry that has gradually recovered in recent months following the Covid-19 pandemic. As more countries relax their lockdown rules, there has been a steady increase in tourists globally. 

Tourists typically face the problems of high costs when they use their debit cards in new locations. Converting between currencies typically comes with high transaction fees, and most debit card issuers charge high costs from withdrawals. 

Ariva is resolving this issue by creating a travelling and tourist hub built on blockchain technology. 

Modernizing the travel and tourist industry

Ariva aims to achieve active use of cryptocurrencies in the tourism and travel industry. It has developed an ecosystem that consists of products that improve the travelling experience across the board to achieve these goals. 

Ariva has three different ecosystem integrations designed to expand different facets of the global travel and tourism industry. Ariva.Finance is a next-generation payment gateway that allows merchants to receive crypto payments. 

This innovative payment gateway transforms the current traditional payment methods used within the travel industry. As a result, merchants and service providers in the tourism industry can save the high commissions and hidden fees associated with the banking system and adopt cryptocurrencies.

Ariva.Finance is easy to deploy on websites and mobile apps within minutes, making it a handy solution. The payment gateway is free to use and designed to work with significant wallets which support popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ARV token.

Transactions made within Ariva.Finance is fast and secure. In addition, merchants can display QR codes scanned by a buyer to make payments within a few minutes. 

Ariva.World is the second significant integration and is a decentralized travel & tourism portal built on blockchain. It provides a secure environment for users to interact with global and local tourism service providers. 

Merchants and service providers can list their products, and travellers can make bookings and reservations with cryptocurrencies. There is also a product & services management panel for businesses to manage their services and track sales and invoices.

Ariva.World also features an online shop where valuable local goods can be sold in retail using cryptocurrencies. 

Ariva.Club is the third integration and is essentially a social media platform for everyone to share their travelling experience. It is the first dedicated travelling social media built on blockchain technology, and anyone can sign-up on the platform. 

Members can share their experiences with service providers like restaurants, hotels and more in different locations globally. It also serves as an ideal platform for businesses to advertise their products and get endorsements from users. 

Other major features of Ariva.Club is the reward system where users share their experiences and get rewarded ARV for their activities. Ariva.Club will also deploy an anti-spam feature that removes fake users on the platform. 

Ariva token (ARV).’

The Ariva ecosystem is powered by its native token ARV. ARV is a BEP-20 token that will be used as the primary payment coin for products within the Ariva ecosystem. It is designed to provide benefits to holders, including cheaper cross-border transactions. 

In addition, travellers are not faced with limits on transactions like the traditional debit cards and can spend as much ARV within the Ariva ecosystem. 

ARV has a total market supply of 100 billion, and Ariva recently listed the token on six new exchanges, including Probit Global and SushiSwap. The token can also be traded on exchanges like PancakeSwap, Probit, and exchanges. In addition, ARV is now live on exchanges like Lbank, Whitebit, Hotbit, Azbit, Finexbox, DodoBsc, SushiSwap, and 1inch.

You can learn more about Ariva by visiting the website

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