How are white-label blockchain explorers beneficial to businesses?

Crypto wallets enable users to find and explore various data, but the details are limited to the data related to the keys that a specific wallet manages. Blockchain explorers come in handy when users want to know details outside their transactions, and it plays a significant role nowadays as it offers transparency to a particular blockchain network. Realizing the prominence of blockchain explorers, some blockchain development companies are building white-label blockchain explorers for third parties.

Before knowing about white-label blockchain explorers and how they benefit businesses, it is important to know the concept of blockchain explorers and their benefits.

What are blockchain explorers?

Blockchain explorers are like the google of Web3. It is a blockchain browser, more precisely, a search engine that shows the details of each transaction that has ever happened within a blockchain network. It is a piece of software that utilizes APIs and blockchain nodes to fetch several data from a blockchain and present it to the user in a searchable format. After retrieving the data, the blockchain explorers sort out the searched data using a database.

Using blockchain explorers, anyone can search for details about recently mined blocks or transactions on a blockchain network. Some of the existing blockchain explorers include, Tokenview, Blockchain, etc.

Benefits of blockchain explorers

Blockchain explorers help users to:

  • Find the transaction history of any wallet address.
  • Explore the recipient’s address and change the address.
  • Find out the largest transaction of the day.
  • Track down mempool status.
  • Search for any orphaned and stale blocks.
  • Detect any double-spend incidents.
  • Traceback till the genesis block.
  • Find the pool details or a person who mined a specific block.
  • View transaction fees, hash rate, blockchain difficulty, and other data.

What are white-label blockchain explorers?

White-label products are developed and deployed by a third-party company that is rebranded and resold by any other company. Such white-label products are produced to rebrand by a re-seller so that they can be sold to the end customers as their products. White-label blockchain explorers are similar, where one firm develops the explorer, and another can rebrand and utilize it as their own.

What to look for in a white-label blockchain explorer?

If your business demands a blockchain explorer and you are not willing to spend time developing one, you can always opt for a white-label blockchain explorer. However, keep in mind to consider some important factors before going forward with choosing a pre-built explorer.

The white-label blockchain explorer you choose should have the following features and functionalities:

  • Real-time data status – Ensure that the white label blockchain explorer offers the real-time status of key blockchain metrics like the number of accounts, TPS, block height, gas price, market cap, etc.
  • Search Filter – A search bar using the filter can sort out various details into categories enabling users to conveniently search for blocks, addresses, hash, embedded text data, and more.
  • Device agnostic – A good blockchain explorer can be accessed from any device, browser, or operating system and offers smooth UX across all devices.
  • Multiple chains compatible – Although many blockchain explorers support only a single blockchain, having multiple blockchain compatibility is a plus point.
  • Seamless navigation – Ensure that the blockchain explorer has crisp and clear search bar functionality and the information is not jumbled up. The compartmentalization enables users to navigate around smoothly.

How is white-label blockchain explorer beneficial to businesses?

White-label blockchain explorers come as ready-to-deploy products with the required tools and features and are wholesome products built to the end user’s demands. Many white-label explorers are customizable, flexible, and user-convenient. It enables any company to immediately launch its blockchain explorer under its brand name without any additional investment in infrastructure. It reduces time consumption and labor expenses, promotes brand awareness, increases reliability, and makes up for the lack of technical expertise.


Blockchain explorers are getting prominent these days, offering trust and transparency to users. It helps verify a wallet address’s validity before sending assets to that person, check wallet balances, detect any flaws, and more. It is a powerful and promising tool that can increase the credibility of your business. Choosing a white-label blockchain explorer can tremendously decrease your time consumption and the cost of building, testing, and deploying the platform. It has all the handy features to launch and rebrand using your brand name instantly.

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