How an SEO Agency Can Supplement Your Internal Team

Search engine optimization has become necessary in modern marketing, leading to some businesses adopting dedicated internal SEO teams. If you already have in-house SEO experts, an external SEO agency can work wonders to supplement it. The collaboration can provide more resources to boost your search engine rankings and amplify your visibility. Here are ways an SEO company can complement your in-house team:

1. Increased Knowledge and Experience

You may have a team of SEO specialists working in-house, each with several years of experience. An SEO agency may have dozens or even hundreds of years of collective experience in the field. Your team’s expertise, combined with the agency’s, can prepare your business to tackle even the most complex SEO challenges. It can lead to better ways of performing tasks, which may mean more effective SEO strategies and techniques. SEO experts from an agency may also possess skills your in-house specialists don’t have, allowing you to use them for excellent results.

2. Fresh Perspectives and Ideas

Internal teams often get trapped in the same routines and strategies. You can’t be doing the same thing over and over and expecting better results. While your strategies may be performing well, they may not be good enough to beat the competition. 

An external agency can bring in new ideas and fresh perspectives to inspire your team and inject much-needed creativity into your campaign. Your in-house specialists can look at things from a different angle and develop better solutions. Innovative solutions can lead to better outcomes for your rankings, which is what effective SEO is all about.

3. Access to Enhanced SEO Tools

SEO is a field that relies heavily on tools and software. There are tools for keyword research, link building, competitor analysis, analytics, and many other aspects. You may have several in-house tools at your disposal, but an SEO agency will have access to more advanced tools that aid in finding and acting on opportunities quickly. These agencies are serious about what they do, so they invest in as many resources as possible to produce effective results. When you combine your tools with the agency’s, you can have more powerful data-driven insights to fuel your campaign.

4. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Many things go into creating an effective SEO strategy. Your team must research keywords, analyze competitors, build links, determine the right content topics, and more. This can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you only have a small team. An SEO company brings more workforce to your business, letting your team focus on several tasks while they handle the rest of the work. With everyone collaborating under one roof, you can accomplish more in less time. You may hit deadlines sooner and notice results quicker, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

5. More Resources for Scalability and Expansion

If your SEO campaign performs well, you may want to scale it up or replicate the same strategy in different markets. With an SEO agency on board, you have the resources needed for expansion. You can start reaching out to new audiences without investing in more in-house personnel. The agency’s team can handle the extra workload while your internal team focuses on other key tasks. The agency can also help you find and target the right keywords for different markets, enabling you to tap into new sources of potential customers.

6. More People Watching for Updates

Search engine algorithms are always changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the updates. A collaboration between your team and an SEO agency gives you more eyes on the lookout for new developments. Agencies usually have dedicated teams who keep track of any changes in the algorithms. They also understand the implications of these updates and how to adjust your website accordingly. This can help you respond quickly and confidently to new algorithm changes, protecting your website from potential penalties.

Hire an SEO Agency To Help Your Internal Team

An SEO agency can be an exceptional addition to your in-house team, allowing you to use both teams’ collective knowledge and experience. The collaboration can give you access to enhanced tools and resources, helping you become more productive and efficient while executing your SEO strategies. It can also give you an edge with more eyes on the lookout for search engine updates. Find a reputable agency and start using its resources to maximize your SEO efforts.

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