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How an online fitness membership can save you money and get you fit

Most of us have downloaded a fitness app to our phones at some point in the last couple of years. Online fitness is an industry growing at a super fast rate with streaming programs from yoga to running and boxing to ballet fitness proving to be the choice of those wanting to save time and money while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

So with the rising cost of living effecting us all, gym memberships are getting swapped out for less expensive app subscriptions, putting money and time back into people’s hands. In fact, cost saving is just one of multiple reasons why online fitness benefits your pocket as well as your waist line.

Less Expensive

While its been great to get back to studios and gym classes post Covid, the cost of a monthly gym membership can start to add up. Online fitness companies tend to have lower overheads than walk in gyms and so can pass that saving onto their customers. The saving is substantial with access to a quality online fitness membership with streaming programs and guided training from as little as $15-25. You should be able to try them out with a free trial too.

Easily accessible

Online fitness programs allow you to work out when you want and how you want. That means that if you have access to a great online fitness app, you get to choose the workout that suits you best and do it at a time that fits in with your life.You just aren’t tied to a restrictive gym schedule. Plus for those days where you’re short on time, it still makes sense to do a 10 minute session – you just need to grab your device and get moving. Imagine getting ready, driving, parking and setting up for a 10 minute session at the gym – you’d probably agree it wouldn’t be worth it from a cost or time saving perspective.


Not everyone feels confident or experienced enough to get sweaty and workout in a new or busy environment. It can be overwhelming and even off putting for some. Online training is a great solution to this as you can try out new exercise styles, learn the basics and get familiar with what works for you in comfortable surroundings, at your own pace.

Plenty of Choice

While your local gym may offer a range of fitness classes, online fitness programs cover pretty much every workout style going. Whether you want to release your inner dancer with a ballet barre workout, pump some adrenalin with kickboxing, or cross train a variety of fitness methods, there is an app for you. Plus, most online fitness programs have multiple instructors from around the world, so you have the advantage of working out with a broad array of certified trainers.

Getting started – helpful hints to remember

There are a lot of fitness apps on the market and it can be overwhelming to get started and find the right one for you. Co-founder of online fitness app Sleek Ballet Fitness Victoria Marr, recommends choosing an online fitness program that is established and has positive reviews. “Recommendation is key”, she says. “When we started Sleek 9 years ago, nobody was working out online so we had to work hard to get our reputation out there. Today online fitness is everywhere and people have experience of what a great, effective, accessible online program should be. Narrow down your choices through others experience to save you some leg work”.

Keep these further hints in mind too:

  • Take advantage of a free trial first – 7 days is a great length of time to know if it’s the program for you without parting with your money.
  • If you have questions, get in touch with the trainers. All authentic, effective and respected online fitness apps will have the channels to contact their trainers. Get their advice via email, chat or a social media, they should be happy to help.
  • Join the community. A linked Facebook group is a great way to engage with others on the same fitness journey as you. You’ll get an idea of what to expect from your online fitness progress too.
  • Need motivation? Try a live online class. Choose a fitness app where you can join two-way interactive classes from home, alongside streaming workouts. You’ll get motivational feedback as you workout and accountability for joining the class.

Finally, there is usually no contract with an online fitness program. This means if you sign up to a fitness app but after a time want to try something else, you can cancel without any ongoing charges or notice required. This means you can try as many as you need until you find the right online program for you and at a fraction of the cost.

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