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How an Advertising Agency Struck Gold in the Midwest

In the most recent figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on the business formation statistics for May 2022, business formation has decreased across the country by 0.6%. With 420,586 new businesses being formed in May, this represents a small seasonally adjusted decrease from April. The North East and West regions of the US increased their business formations while the South and the Midwest reduced theirs. The South and the Midwest are projected to continue to slowly decline in the number of businesses that are formed there. This is indicative of a business environment that is not necessarily supporting the creation of new businesses in the manner which it perhaps should. However, this has not stopped Brantley Davis from being able to drastically increase marketing returns for a law firm in the Midwest.

How Brantley Davis Ad Agency Created Gold in the Midwest 

Brantley Davis Ad Agency is a law firm market agency that specializes in high-quality audiovisual advertising. They also provide the service of delivering the advert to the air and they have used their experience to inform them on the best way to maximize the return on their media purchases. The following is a case study of Brantley Davis taking over advertising for a law firm in the Midwest. 

The law firm had the same marketing agency working for them for five years and they were not seeing results. The advertising agency was delivering a low-quality product that did not stand out from the crowd or effectively market the unique value proposition of the law firm. Another factor complicated the situation further, the law firm, Morgan and Morgan, had entered the market in January. The timeframe which they provided to produce advertising was quite short with the firm expecting adverts within the first quarter of the year. BDAA was put in a position where they would have to perform in order to be able to retain the client. 


The creative side of the production was made easier by BDAA’s 30 years of experience in marketing law firms. This experience has allowed them to understand, “what works and what doesn’t”. In the last two years, BDAA has done work of a high standard for other law firms and has in their opinion been, “pushing the envelope” in the law firm commercial space. This has the potential to have their adverts stand out from the rest. 


The Senior Media buyer at BDAA has been working in legal marketing for over 25 years and started buying lawyer media in the late 1990s. This case provided a greater deal of challenge because television stations wanted to increase the prices for advertising in January. This is typically the month in which it is cheapest to advertise. The team at BDAA is skilled in negotiation and was able to convince TV stations to drop their rates which enabled the advert to be played on more dayparts and expand its reach. The advertising agency that the law firm had previously used did not utilize its media marketing buys well and ended up reducing both the number and the quality of cases the marketing would provide. 

Immediate Results

The new ads which BDAA produced appeared on the air in mid-March and they managed to produce these commercials without exceeding the budget they were given. The law firm managed to increase the cases which they took on by 21 the following month and 50 the month after that. These are also cases that will produce a respectable revenue for the law firm.  

Results Year to Year

As of June 2022, the law firm is up 70 cases a year to year, or 60%, and up 108% compared to 2020.  And the momentum continues to build as the law firm generated the most phone calls in its history in June. These results are striking considering the law firm did not have to increase its spending on marketing in any way. The law firm also found that the quality of cases which they receive has improved as well as the number of leads which they are able to convert.  

Final Thoughts 

The Brantley Davis Ad Agency has been able to make a serious impact in the Midwest as demonstrated by the case study. They have been able to use high-quality, original advertising and insightful media buys to get the potential best return on their customers’ investments. A Law Firm is an everyday example and this demonstrates the prowess which Brantley Davis displays in their field. They have demonstrated the ability to almost double a law firm’s cases for the year while simultaneously not increasing their spending on marketing. 

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